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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot Interview Loophole 3

Here's a loophole on a Slashdot interview, where you post questions, not when you get the answers (whether its the editors or a mod thats a jackass, I'll leave that up to you). Wait until a full day )or two) after the Interview is posted, then mod down the Score:5's you don't like (overrated, of course), so that their questions won't be asked.

That really ticks me off. Cause no normal mod is going to stop back there just in case.
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Slashdot Interview Loophole

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  • by einstein ( 10761 )
    do you mean an interview? cause that is the only way I can figure that what you're saying makes any sense. and the they send the +5s from the first 24hrs, usually, so you only need to be modding diligently for the first 24 hours...
  • Wait until a journal entry is pretty old (like...this one [], for example) and then go and mod down comments because you feel like it (again, overrated) There's no way anyone will go into journal entries just to mod them...

    Ironically, this happened to me [] at the same time you posted this journal entry! Guess it was just another day for a ritual karma sacrifice...

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