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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: The Steelers (Nice JE) 7

Now, I could do the "I told ya so" but I'll be nice (although, I have a feeling duder won't be so nice). The thing is, its not all about Ben Roethlisburger making the Steelers into this amazing team.

This is a team with an outstanding defense, a great running attack, a good offensive line, incredible depth at all positions, the best trio of recievers in the NFL, good special teams. Ben was just the icing on the cake. The biggest threat people have with the Steelers isn't the passing attack, its the defense. The next is the running game, the last is the passing attack. That's why the Patriots fell flat.. they have no secondary. That's why the Eagles did nothing, they only have a blitzing D and a passing attack. The reason the Steelers are doing so well is they are the best balanced team in the NFL.

I've never seen a Steeler team that played this well (Big Ben going to the pro bowl?). I'm excited that this is the best shot the Steelers have to going to the Superbowl since the 70s.

Oh, and people waiting for Ben to lose steam or whatever... umm... he's not slowing down... he's getting better each game. I didn't get to see much of today's game, but its the first game I've seen him slow down a bit.

Oh, and a couple of facts for the day:
There are 3 7-1 teams in the NFL. The Pats, The Iggles, and The Steelers. Wanna guess who's the best?
And, for you 'consecutive win' people... the Steelers won 7 in a row. The longest winning streak in the NFL atm....

Is it too early to say "The way to the Superbowl comes through Pittsburgh?" Probably, but that doesn't stop me...
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Football: The Steelers (Nice JE)

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  • i'm man enough... yeah the eagles sure ate steel, they had it shoved right down their throats!

    when them steelers scored the first time, I knew that the eagles just weren't there.

    oh well. it was a depressing game... and i think i saw T.O.'s true colors... his little hissy fit on the side lines was NOT how you become a leader.

    I am sure Andy Reid probably will have some choice words for T.O. and the rest of his team, in particular the "defense." Reid is probably *the* finest coach in the league... so he's g
  • The Steelers looked really good today, on both sides of the ball. And anyone who crushes T.O. is OK with me.

    In fairness to the Patriots' defense, I have to nitpick that they have no secondary right now. I don't know if you saw today's shoestring operation, with Earthwind (?) Moreland plucked Rudy-like from the practice squad for one corner, and Troy Brown in and out on the other. I'm looking forward to see two healthy teams facing off again in December, with the winner playing whoever dumps the Eagles this

  • I actually got to see the game because I was at my Dad's house in Eastern Ohio so they got that game instead of the Bengals (so I missed the big win, but oh well)

    It was a total thrashing. Pittsburgh totally owned them from out the gate. The only reason that game wasn't something like 60-3 is because after the steelers had the game well in hand, they let up on them because they didn't want to wear their guys out because they're looking at the big prize and don't need to blow these guys out for ego.

    It was
    • Yeah, we would of had another touchdown if Burress would of just held onto the ball.

      It was definitely a classy thing to sit on the ball at the end instead of get a cheap last-minute touchdown.
  • What? I am always nice! Just misunderstood I guess.

    Well another convincing win for the Steelers.

    Well there were plenty of dis-believers and Eagle fans picking against the Steelers- especially once it was announced that Duce was out. I was watching all these pre-game shows and hearing how they might pick the Steelers if they had Duce but without him they had to pick the Eagles- wrong.

    Jerome Bettis ran like a man possessed. I felt it was important to get started early and the Bus delivered.

    Big Ben Roe

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