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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Poll: Best Trilogy 48

Best Trilogy:
A) Star Wars Original
÷) Star Trek 2, 4, and 6
®) Indiana Jones
Q) Matrix
½) Are you one of Em's alter ego's?
12) ellem and btlzu2 have too much time on their hands
) Other
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Poll: Best Trilogy

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  • Original Shanara trilogy (sword, elfstones, wishsong).

  • well are you?

    Here's a clue. I'm not.
  • The Douglas Adams Hitchiker Trilogy, which I think is four, maybe five, books.
  • Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Well, it was a trilogy at one point.

    But if we're only talking movies... I'd have to go with Indiana Jones.
  • Other (Score:2, Informative)

    by grub ( 11606 )

    Alien, Aliens and (Alien 3 & Alien Resurrection)! (the last two sucked pretty bad and only count as half each :)
    • Ugh, I won't even recognize Alien Resurrection as an alien movie. Thank God Alien and Aliens are what's remembered... those are damn good flicks!
    • Ohhh alien(s)! I liked the first two and I was excited when I got a free pass to the third one. I remember walking out of the theater feeling like I had been ripped off, even though it was free. I want my two hours back dammit!
  • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
    Don't diss us man.

    Lord of the Rings you FOOL! :)
    • DAMMIT, I already voted Back to the Future! I hang my head in shame. LotR wins, hands down.

      The worst is that I'm in the middle of listening to the soundtrack, and I *still* forgot about it for this poll.
  • The others I don't like so much or want to watch as often. It's timeless really.
  • Really, what could be more important than what happened in the ALCS?
  • Blue, White and Red.

    Krzysztof Kieslowski rocks.
  • the "FK Using Extended Characters" to show his 1337z355 :)

  • Trois couleurs

    Bleu [] starring Juliette Binoche.
    Bialy [] starring Julie Delpy.
    Rouge [] starring Irène Jacob.

  • Living Dead trilogy (Night of, Dawn of, Day of)

    Beverly Hills Cop LOL not really

    Evil Dead series

    Terminator (for now)

    Revenge of the Nerds....LOL I'll stop now

    Damn theres alot of good trilogies though

  • By far the most excitement I had when I was a kid and since I got the new edition [] I have been pleasently surprised with some changes even if Greedo shoots first.
  • WTF. Godfather I & II shit down the throats of any other trilogy. No one has a one-two punch like that. And then everyone who badmouths III has no concept anyway and is just regurgitating colloquial pap. Fuck, Eli Wallach, Joe Mantegna, and Al Pacino seal this. Any complaints about Garcia or Sofia are offset by such great scenes as Pacino alone in the funeral parlor or with the cardinal. That ill ending? With the canolis and the guy getting stabbeded in the throat with the glasses? Or the phanto
    • Nah. 3 DID suck. What horrible writing and acting--especially between Keaton and Pacino. I was dismayed I tell you, DISMAYED!

      1&2 almost make a good trilogy on their own if you think about it. 2 was two movies in one! :) AWESOME.

      However, LotR defeats it hands down. And that's a FACT JACK! ;)

      Unless, of course, we're talking about the Police Academy movies. They exceeded a trilogy, but they were life-changing movies! Or Rocky. Who could forget "Clubber Lang"???? I ask you that?
      • LotR was an example of meeting expectations. The Godfather is like the fucking Velvet Underground. Anyone who saw/heard it wanted to make movies/start a band. It defines our modern dialogue of the gangster genre, one of the fundamental three genres of American cinema.

        LotR is like everything else. It is another epic, another G&E. More template, more three-squares of movie going consumption. Frodo is Neo/Luke/Elliot from ET/etc. It is better than many mainstream movies. It might be the peak at t
        • I was completely kidding about Rocky. Rocky I was pretty good and it just lost it more and more from there.

          I stand by LotR because I'm such a nutcase Tolkien fan and to see it all come to life like that--even if it was more the essence of the books than the books themselves. To me, LotR was incredibly more of a challenge to make in so many senses than the Godfather. The Godfather had a great story, but it wasn't anything that complicated. I LOVE the Godfather, it's just that I think the challenges of m
          • Yeah the "Where are you coming from" angle is key. I'm a movie guy. So the theory, the history, the science of editing and what not are all very important to me. And that forms much of the rationale for my opinion.

            Even movies that are adaptations of books I like (say Ellis' work) I usually hang closer to the film side. I love American Psycho but it comes a lot from Christian Bale (I've been a Balehead for a while), Josh Lucas, Chloë Sevigny, and Mary Harron. Same with Rules of Attraction: Roger
            • I see what you mean. I'm definitely not at the same angle. I'm sort of an "advanced amateur movie watcher". I'm learning to appreciate the science of it a lot more, but I know I don't watch it with the perspective you have. I greatly appreciate something that doesn't make me squirm in discomfort and I also have learned to appreciate certain aspects of cinematography. I had a first "Aha!" moment about 5 years ago when watching the outlandish angles used in Citizen Kane. Un-fucking-real.

              However, I don'
              • I always feel the more personal accounts of movies are best. The problem is that reducing art to mechanics removes the very thing we like about it: the humanity.

                For this I'd suggest Martin Scorsese's two documentaries. A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese through American Movies and My Voyage to Italy. Both are very long, but touch on movies important to him. He talks about seeing them as a child, his mother's reaction. What he saw in them. Some are Big Important Movies... some are b-movie cast o
  • () ... The Pink Panther series. Maybe not a trilogy, but still...
  • I really enjoy this one. It's timeless. Pun intended. ;)
  • ... I think the best movie trilogy of all time is easily Back to the Future.

    But, if I have to go with what's on the list, I gotta go with Star Wars. I'm sorry, but the only half-way decent Star Trek movie was Wrath of Khan [].
  • But that only counts if you watch the first one 3 times.

    • The horror! The horror! I'm starting to remember that there were others. :'(

      I treat highlander the same as the matrix 'trilogy'. The first one counted. The other 2 (or however many) just suck.

      The Evil Dead "trilogy" wasn't on the list, so I'm not voting.
  • by http ( 589131 )
    Sundiver, The Uplift War, Startide Rising.
    David Brin

    Oddly, the following three, Brightness Reef, Heaven's Reach, and Infinity's Shore were not bad either.
  • Austin Powers, baby. Do you wanna shag now or shag later?:)
  • There are so many good literary trilogies, in fact, that I would have a very hard time picking the best. In fact, the best expand past trilogy into series: Card's "Ender's Game", Stephen Donaldson's "Thomas Covenant", the Dragonlance books come to mind - they were often grouped into trilogies even though the series was massive, - Anne McCaffrey's Pern books do the same thing.

    Somehow movie trilogies don't come up to the same high mark - I'll have to think further on why I feel that way.
  • i must be honest. it's star wars. but LotR is up there. it mostly just loses out because i was exposed to it later in life.

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