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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Beyond Burnout 33

Yes, I've actually SURPASSED burnout on my current project (was to be completed on friday, but is dragging behind), however, I'm still working on it. Tried to pull an all-nighter last night. I'm now officially too old for them (though I was never good at them in college). So I come into work late (no one is complaining... I'm working my sweet italian ass off on offhours including this past weekend, so I'm sure they'd lose their head if they tried), the weather is crappy, I can't meet Joey and the wife for lunch cause I have to work through it, I'm extrodinarily grouchy, I have a meeting at my consulting firm from like 4:30-6, so I'll miss dinner at home and barely get to see Joey before he goes to bed, then I'll have to work some more if I'm not done by the end of the day today.

So if I've said something to you that made you think "Damn, FK is an ASS!" I've just been having a rough time at the client.

Oh yeah, today's my 28th birthday.... I think I'll celebrate it after I complete the current project (though I did go out Sunday with my family and brother and sister in law).
I'll write more if I have another long deploy time.
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Beyond Burnout

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  • Deal with it.
    You wanted success, you got it.
    On the plus side, Joey and his sister will have a nice house and maybe, someday, will thank you.

    I have had weeks where it's been like 8 hours of sleep over 5 days and 7000 miles. Needless to say, business travel is overrated.
    But when you get home, man is it sweet.
    And hopefully they'll give you corresponding down time to compensate.

    Hang tough, bro.
    • Heh, the funny part is that this isn't the 'success' part. That part is wednesday nights and I refuse to complain about cause of the reasons you mentioned. This is just a VERY poorly designed page (I wasn't in the design part of this project) and a TERRIBLY underestimation of the time that would be required to complete said page (she said 3 days. I'm on day 7 excluding the overtime I put in).
  • Just keep repeating to yourself, "I love my job." :-)
  • Although I've put myself on a strict no-spanking regimen, I could make an exception in your case, FK, 'cause I know you've been *that* naughty.

    Happy birthday, sweetheart!

  • Wow, January must be a busy month. So far, in the course of 7 days this month, there have been 5 birthdays, 4 of which are of the card/gift obligatory variety. And you make 6. For you, a slashdot comment.

    Try not to work yourself to death on your birthday. At least wait until midnight, m'kay?
  • God, I was a sophomore in high school when you were born. You could be my spawn from my mis-spent youth....I don't know who that should scare more, you or me.
  • and get your feet off the coffee table.

    What? You think you can hog the burnout couch?

    Hell no, I was here first man.

    Life has been well, shit lately.

    But you know what?

    I got a wife that loves me, I got a home I enjoy being in, I always have enough to eat, and I'm putting money away and hopefully, if all goes well, by the time I reach 50 or so, I should be able to retire...comfortably.

    That's assuming Social Security is in existance, cause even though I don't count on it, $1200 or so a month more would be
    • and Happy Birthday dude.

      (I'm a callous asshole apparently)

      got into "whine" mode and forgot.

      28 huh? I'm staring down 30 in a few months. *gulp*
      • I'm staring down 30 in a few months. *gulp*

        It's nothing to worry about. My mum told me she loved being 21, loved hitting 40, but hated her 30th, as it seemed to mark the end of her childhood. Me? I barely noticed it. It was just another day, and I feel no different now than I did when I was in my 20s. A bit richer, perhaps, and requiring a bit more sleep each night now, but that's all :-)

    • So, are you the reason the burnout couch smells so bad? ;-)

      The worst part about this is, I'm getting pressure to finish off this 'only a few days behind' project so he can add me to a 'about 3 weeks behind' project. But at least THAT project being late won't be my fault ;-)
      • And now for some serious advice.

        I hate my fucking job, and it's because I kept letting them shove me into projet after project after project, with no end in sight.

        Working late, working on weekends, all that shit went on and on and on...for months.

        I received 3.1% raise for my efforts. And the guy I reported to during the whole process was laid off. And replaced by a higher level person who didn't have a clue. I couldn't even bitch about it.

        So, when they ask me to stay late, well, I've always got an ex
        • Well, I'm doing the overtime thing on my own accord cause I'm the sole reason its late. The next project, though, I'm going to just work during my regular day unless they pay me to work overtime.
  • 28 eh? still a pup!

    Anyway, hope you have a nice birthday my good man!
  • Strip Club
  • can you still read this? It might be too small. Let me type the rest in all caps, so that you can see it on your tiny 19" screen:
    Heheh. He'll never figure out that I insulted him!
  • God never gives you more than you can handle.
    • My wife said the same thing about another situation the other day. I guess that means this will finish soon, cause I dunno how much more I can handle ;-)
      • God gives you the strength you need to endure. ;-)
        • And the friends and support to help you endure ;-)

          But, I was just taken off that project for a while to help with the other. I was given an assignment of two pages, estimation taking 2 weeks. I'll probably be done by tomorrow (which will give me a lot of leeway to finish the old project without the late nights). Yay! Who's up for some serious Desert Combat! :-D
  • All de best from ze Tcherman side as vell.

    You little vipperznapper.


    (in the final throes of packing for the trip)

  • i remember when i turned 28. or i used to remember it, before i got so old. who am i kidding, i just turned 29.5 last week.

    you'll make it. you always do.
  • once again, no warning for the dragon with no memory.


    28 isn't bad. I kinda like it here.

  • I suppose I'll wait to show you what my interviewer sent. :)

    Things get better. Luckily, Joey is small enough that he doesn't notice a missed dinner now and again. It doesn't make *you* feel any better, but he won't mind. Well, he might, a little. But you'll be able to make it up to him when you're Head Cheese and will be able to say to some programmer dude "Hey, I gotta go see my son's $sport game on Saturday, can you make sure that project is finished?" and he can't say "No." :)

  • Never cast limited wish when a mere illusion will suffice. Said by someone who just lost a point or two of constitution themself....
  • Happy Birthday, Fort Knox! []

    I had this very nice ASCII picture worked out for you that I worked on for a while, but the Slashdot lameness filter nixed it, so it will forever have to remain the thought that counts.

    Six years wiser than I, are you. May you have many, many more years ahead of you. :)
  • 28? You're just a kid ;-)

    Hope you had lots of cake and ice cream!

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