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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Week 8 Prediction 4

Cris Carter prediction. Last sentence in that article:
Prediction: In Week 8, New England loses at Pittsburgh.

Bout time we got some respect. If the Steelers can hold the Pats on third down, I think they can do it (and its about damn time Ben Roethlisburger got some frickin press... it took a 4-0 starting streak, though).
I'm excited about the prediction, but Casey Hampton and Chad Scott are injured. If either of them are out for the NE game, that's simply bad news....
Oh, and I want NE to win against the Jets. That way they are feeling more cocky going into Pittsburgh.
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Football: Week 8 Prediction

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  • Ben is the man. Watched the highlights of yesterday's game and was stunned.

    New England won't get cocky. Did you hear Tom Brady's response to some reporter yesterday who asked how many more then can win? "One more week," he said. The whole team has bought into one more week. Belichek has them on such a tight leash, they're only focused on the next week's game. Realistically? Sure, they'll lose. They have to. But could they run the table? Oh yeah.

  • by Aggrazel ( 13616 )
    Out of curiosity since I know you're from around here did you get a chance to go to a RedHawks game and see Ben when he was tearing it up around here?

    I'm kicking myself now for not going to the redhawks vs bearcats game last year personally ... I had a chance to for a reasonable price and didn't take it.
    • I didn't see him live, no. I'm actually glad I didn't go to the miami vs UC game. I'd root for UC and hate Ben. My sis goes to BGSU, so I watched both times when they played Miami. Ben really knew how to rip up that secondary.

      My brother-in-law (wife's younger brother) went to highschool with Ben. Was even in a few of his classes with him.
  • before this. The whole Bill Parcells comparing him to Dan Marino. Getting a first ballot NFL coach to compare you to a first ballot NFL QB has to count for something.

    And he did play very well on Sunday. Folks need to treat him like they do with Culpepper (with regards to his body). He was shrugging off the Cowboy's weak leg tackles. Blitzing a corner or a safety just seems to be foolish.

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