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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Slashdot Mutiny? 9

Are we in the midst of a mutiny?
Second time an editor goes out of his way to act childish and insult Microsoft, and almost all the mod'ed up parent posts are people complaining about how childish michael was being (No one needs to tell me about michael's childish behavior).

Is slashdot maturing? Is a mutiny ahead?
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Slashdot Mutiny?

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  • all the kiddies are getting out of school and spending more time at slashdot...... :-)
  • 5 []

    his "Update" added before it was even posted!

    thankfully, some [] people [] know [] better []
  • while i love a lot of what i hear from fortknox, i just gotta say dude:
    while you meant slashdot mutiny? what you said was just as funny, and the double entendre was much funnier. are we growing to be MS clones instead of true freethinking /.'ers? only time will tell, i guess

    something that comes to mind, is this an open source [okay, ascii at least?] pirate? (see the grafix below)

    / \
  • It's mutiny.

    But it's not. The sad thing is, there's some interesting stories on Most posted by Michael. He (and the other editors) kill themselves with their editorial comments. Even the IIS/Mozilla/X story was a good one.

    (Was gonna say something witty and insightful, but had to go take child to 12 month checkup. Oh well:(

  • I'm so damn sick and tired of this socialist site where thousands of people come to bitch and moan and never actually get a life or a job.

    To hell with that, all we're doing here is letting the companies that we hate just free-load our thoughts.
    There is no point in this stupid and petty political discussion, I should know I actually happen to live in the capital of New Zealand [and for all the trolls, yes I'm also an Australian].

    I'm going back to the real world, where people actually make real things that work, do useful things and even make my own money.

    I've had enough of the really petty political issues here, why do I have to worry about the moderations of the "Slashdot party line."
    I suppose I'm also severely annoyed by all the local geeks who tell me I look just like CmdrTaco.
    If anything annoys me, it has to be the lack of individuality shown here, I'd say about 90% of the people here are monolingual americans.
    [Computer languages don't count as human languages at all, you people should learn how to get a life, get a human lover {unless you're a freak like the GNU} and find your own way in life.]

    Ladies, Gentlemen & computer freaks, I suggest you go for a run and do some honest work for a change with a bit of good work.
    "Freedom is the Freedom to say that 2 + 2 = 4."
    Oh and by the way, don't eat that Genetically Modified junkfood, you don't want to know what hormones have been inserted for added value.

"Trust me. I know what I'm doing." -- Sledge Hammer