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Today's Funnies

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  • before following the ebay link, are the images there cube-safe?
    • yeah, they're cube safe. and really funny.
      • now that's hilarious. i guess the guy noticed hits to those images and checked the referrer tags to see what was up.

        you would think the seller could have gone to the product's website and linked to images there.

        i see what josh meant by making reference to goatse. I wonder how long ebay will take to remove the auction if the guy put THAT (or other similarly objectionable) photo up?
  • by daoine ( 123140 ) <> on Wednesday June 12, 2002 @03:34PM (#3688410)
    Or perhaps, it's really the totally hysterical Ebay auctions that amaze me. I have never laughed harder than at the auctioneer selling the N gig hd he bought for his wife's birthday, found out she wanted it to store/sell her very own porn (business was good...), so he was divorcing his wife, thus didn't need the drive.

    Or maybe I'm just amazed that people find these things to begin with...I never seem to find funny Ebay auctions. Then again, I don't look very much.

    • I wish I could find the link to that guys account, but his story is 100% fake of course. He always has funny stories about why he's selling whatever item; I've seen a few auctions by the same user with the wife/webcam tale. He even makes a little joke at the bottom of his auctions sometimes about how "I'm an honest ebayer (except for my little stories...)".

      Funny stuff, yes.
      Real stories, no.

      Saw this on fark a while back...
  • by turg ( 19864 ) <turg.winston@org> on Wednesday June 12, 2002 @03:46PM (#3688477) Journal

    If you read [news], you find links to this type of thing quite regularly.

    Do a deja-google search for "pantyhose guy" in a.m.o.e for the classic example (definitely not cube-safe :-)

    Another popular approach is to use a picture of the item destroyed

    I had someone link to two of my images in an eBay auction. I noticed they hadn't used the height and width attributes in their img tags, so I replaced one with an image 1 pixel high and 5000 pixels wide, and the other with an image 1 pixel wide and 7000 pixels high (hmmm. I wonder if this means I invented page-widening? This was years ago).

  • Lots of people get slagged for stealing images on arcade game newsgroups. Glad people are now getting busted for it.

    It's so stupid. It only cost about 50 cents to get ebay to host three ads.

    Oh well.

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