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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: QUIT FELATIATING THE PATS! 6

In a week where:
The media favorite Seattle Seahawks LOSE to an underachieving St Louis Rams;
A rookie QB who was predicted to need the most polishing of all the rookie QBs wins his third straight game (making SEVERAL key third-and-long conversions);
David Carr and the Texans, still viewed as the red-headed-step-child expansion club almost knocks over the hot Vikings; And the 'terrible' Charges pull off another win, running all over the 'strong' Jag defense;
And the media is still talking about the Pats win streak (they played the DOLPHINS... who wasn't expecting this??)... and they did it without even passing for 100 yards! What else is in the news? How TO is helping the Eagles win? THE EAGLES ARE ON A F*CKING BYE WEEK! What else? Deion Sanders returns to the lineup?

Sweet f*cking lord people... the media is felatiateing the wrong people. The Pats aren't going to lose until these next four weeks when they play 'real' teams (Seahawks, Steelers, Jets, and Rams). TO is great for Philly... not cause he's doing amazing things on the field, its cause he's forcing defense to pay attention to him, giving McNabb easy pickins for the rest of the recievers! AND DEION SANDERS HASN'T DONE SHIT YET THIS YEAR!

So, since no one ELSE is talking about it:
Seattle, the favorite preseason pick to win the NFC has dropped their first loss. The #1 defense fell apart as the Rams make a 4th quarter comeback to tie it, and a bomb to win it in OT. That'll make things interesting for their meetup next week against the Pats. They know they are mortal, so now its time to show the Pats they are too.

Ben Roethlisburger has an NFL streak to his name. Every game he has started he has won (Maddox started the Baltimore game, Roethlisburger came in after Maddox was injured). He has been INCREDIBLE on third down conversions. Tommy Maddox will not start for the Steelers again unless Big Ben is injured.

The other two I didn't see the games for, but the Texans are looking like a threat. My fantasy football choice to have David Carr and Andre Johnson ended up a fantastic decision.
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  • The Seahawks are the media favorite? I used to be a fan (being as I live near Seattle), but stopped watching years ago, as it is frustrating to watch them lose game after game after game. I heard they were doing well, but media favorite? Is that accurate?
    • read the preseason reports. The popular choice was Seahawks to be in the superbowl on the NFC side of things. The AFC side of things was split between Pats, Colts, and Jets.
      • Don't forget the Chiefs hype at the beginning (and the complete ignorance regarding their tepid D).

        I just don't see the Seahawks having the veteran poise to go deep in the playoffs. The fact they couldn't win away from home last year also had me distrustful... at least Peyton could kick ass during the regular season.

        I'd put Hasselbeck on the level of Aaron Brooks, Mark Bulger, and Trent Green as greenish QBs who haven't proven to do anything when it matters. Above you have the McNair, Favre, Brady, Mann
        • Don't forget the Chiefs hype at the beginning (and the complete ignorance regarding their tepid D).

          But GUNTHER CUNNINGHAM is in charge of the defense this year!!! I bet the Chief's fans are eating their hats over 'ol gunther right about now...

          The Pats? I just don't see them making people afraid like the 80's Niners, the 70's Steelers, or 90's 'Boys. Those teams were the Jordan Bulls variety where you were only wondering how much they were going to beat you by.

          I'm just bored with the Pats. They ha
          • I'm just bored with the Pats. They have an offense I can use as a cure for insomnia.

            Yeah...and that Vinatieri guy they've got kicking for them...I mean, he never misses! How boring is that!!

            Heeeheeheeheeee... you gotta love being a Boston sports fan right now. We've got the Patriots breaking records (although even I'm not about to suggest they're going to another Super Bowl), and we've got Red Sox / Yankees again. Good lord if the Celtics or Bruins could get something together the town would self destr

  • Is "fellating". :)

    I still don't believe the Rams are that strong of a team. I think Seattle felt pretty comfortable with a 17-point lead with 5 minutes to go and let up. We've all seen it happen. I don't know that they're a premier team in this league, but they've been pretty good. But then again, I hate the Rams. :)

    Good on yer boy Ben. He done good. :)

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