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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Its a girl! 39

Just got back from the ultrasound. Its a girl (as in... the tech was able to see the 'bits and pieces' for it to be a girl... clear shot took her a while, but she got it). She was kicking up a store during the ultrasound, too.

I had a feeling it was a girl ever since the wife was pregnant. I'd really like to have a baby girl (just not sure if I want a teenage girl, though.... I may still know TL at that time) ;-)

That leaves a big problem, though. The name. We had "Samuel" picked out for a boy and had a few ideas for the middle name. "Kathleen" is our girls middle name, but no idea on the first name. The wife is pretty solid on "Olivia" right now... dunno... I may go for it after a while...
I like "Isabella" myself, but she doesn't dig it anymore (I was thinking about "Samantha" for a while, so we could call it "Sam" before we knew... dunno if I still dig it or not). I want a name that's pretty, but not snobby or white trash/stripper name. And nothing too common (no Jennifers, Emmas, etc...). Any ideas?
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Its a girl!

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  • and you could buy her lots of pig books. My niece is named Olivia and I really like the name.
  • Sort of like Ashley, but not. SHe got the name from "North And South". I didn't like it, because Ashton is the trashy bitch of the books/movies. So we don't have an Ashton. I also like Elise, but that could be part of my Cure fixation showing through. :)

    Olivia Knox, huh? Woops, I mean Marotti. ;)

  • And I always liked Meagan Threse, myself....but I say the subject line because every time my wife had an ultrasound while prgnant- Christopher was kicking up a storm.
  • Ahh the "Name Game".

    She carries the kid, so any name she picks is the winner. Get used to it now. On the upside when the new lil' pooper fills her diaper, you can hold her up and say, "she came out of YOUR body, you change her diaper!" Guaranteed to win you tons of brownie points.

    Seriously tho, we went back and forth over names and finally settled on Molly. Kinda old name, but not too many Mollys these days :-)

    p.s. any family names that either of you know of? First/middle/nicknames.

    p.p.s. Other names we

    • Molly is a nice name. I recommend that or Sally. I've never heard of a prostitute or gangster named Sally or Molly.
      • Molly is also the name of a very cool character in several of William Gibson's books. Nice name. I actually know a cute artsy redhead by that name, nice chick ;-)
  • are Rachel and Hannah. Very common but we liked them. I don't know about teenage girls-- but when they are little it is great. My oldest is 4 now and her sister is 3. They are so fun it's not funny. Last night we were watching Survivor together and they would cheer when the girls beat the guys. But my four year old rooted for the guys in the second competition- since she felt it was fair that they get a turn to win.

    • Hannah is my daughter's name. Very pretty (the name and the kid.)
      We still don't know what sex the next one is, but tentative girls names include Rebeccah and Allison.
      But we'll probably change our mind the day of the delivery just like we did last time.
  • I'm not sure I would worry so much about TL when I live right down the street. I have three nephews who are turning out to be jut like me.

    I would suggest either Roxy, Alison, or Ella.
  • Classic name. Literally.
  • I'll be married by then hopefully. And if not, at least dating older women, like 25 year olds. ;-)
  • Olivia is nice, as is Kathleen, but you might want to avoid the combination. Just a thought.
  • That's a pretty name. Vanessa too.

  • Anna, Emma and Madeline.

    Of course, we're never going to have a girl. It's all boys from us. Which reminds me FK, you've broken our string of strange coincidences.

  • So now you get to buy a nice shotgun [remington.com], and post the rules [geocities.com] on the front door :)
    • I'll second that, my 13yo sister is driving me up the wall. I happened to me her "boyfriend" this week, another one of these kids that hasn't seen a barber in 6 months and hasn't combed it in a month. SOB had the toothpicks from his lunch sandwich jammed in his ears, pierced on both sides. At least he wasn't tatted and facial pierced, seemed like a nice enough kid, but for piss sakes, a toothpick is for your mouth,.
      • What did he do when you playfully gave him a gentle little slap against one of his ears?

        OOps! Sorry, man.

        • I never got within striking distance, I think sis had warned him to stay out of my reach, since as long as I'm unarmed (or out of the truck), he is going to outrun me.
  • Raellen is my personal fav, no idea why though. Savannah is also nice.
  • Jacquelin Kathleen
    Charlotte Kathleen
    Gwendolyn Kathleen
    Hazel Kathleen
    Amethyst Kathleen
    Evelyn Kathleen
    Aurora Kathleen
    Ceridwen Kathleen
  • I saw our ultrasound today. We're having a baby alien. It was too early to figure out the gender, and unless there's complications, we won't have another ultrasound before the birth, so we'll have to wait and see.

    We don't have a boy name yet. If it's a girl, I like Zoe, but the woman who promised to love, honor, and carry my children doesn't think so...
  • All the best people are naming their newborn daughters Sophia Elizabeth [mac.com]
  • Alawna

    Not quite sure about the spelling of those two: Ash-ah and bee-ah-trice
  • Where are you folks getting those godawful names from? I mean, seriously, do you really think it's kind to give a little girl a name like "McKenzie" or some unpronounceable thing like what red5's got listed...?

    Stick to the classics. Think Biblical names, common names from classic literature, and nothing that is really trendy right now (I despair for future nursing homes full of superannuated Tuckers, Tylers, Fishers, Taylors, Jordans, Brittanies, Tiffanies, Ashleys, and McKenzies), and nothing that woul
    • Deborah's a nice name. It's biblical (FWIW), it shortens nicely.
      I've had crushes on Deborahs.
      Rebecca is another nice name.
      Hannah's nice too.

      Other names I like: Sarah, Rachael, Naomi, Ruth, Esther, Maria (and derivatives: Marianne, Marijke, Maralka), Abigail, Elizabeth, Martha.

      Also think about the meaning of the name.
    • I completely agree.

      Thus I nominate "Ethelredia".


      (who named his son a good solid Anglo-Saxon name, but not "Æthelnoth", "Ecgbert" or "Ulfcytel", even though that would be really kewl)

  • First off, congratulations! I know this is an exciting time for you and your wife.

    Personally, I like the name Grace. It's not a particularly common name these days, which is appealing in and of itself. The few people I have known over the years named Grace have always left a pleasant impression. I think the only notable exception is Grace Jones, but that's another matter entirely.

    Again, congrats!

  • Lessee...

    Wendy - good old Peter Pan names. Very solid. White Skinned in Welsh.

    Isis - Egyption Supreme Goddess of the Stars.

    Melinda - Greek for Honey.

    I'd say you should hit http://www.babynames.com/ [babynames.com] and check out the advanced search by origin. It's an interesting way to walk through the names.
  • Ultrasound==Child Pornography. Medical exception my ass. They are taking pictures of little kids genitalia. Zero tolerance! Lynchmob!
  • "Claire"

    Of course, I'm partial to giving kids really waspy sounding names and making their "real" name a nickname.

    For example, the full version of Claire would be Clairton.

    Well, anyway, there ya go. :-|
  • I have Katherine Delia, named for a great aunt on my wife's side, and now Elizabeth Anne. We like the classics. My rule has always been that I don't want my kids to be in classrooms with 5 other kids that have their same name, which is why we stayed away from Meghan/Caitlyn/etc... In my wife's circle of friends alone there are 2 Saras and I think 4 Kims (one of whom has two friends named Meghan). Katherine and Elizabeth aren't exactly rare names, but we plan to call them by their full names, not Kathy

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