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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Week 5 picks 8

Back in the saddle...

Detroit at Atlanta: Detroit plays good.... at home. Atlanta's defense is looking good and its offense is surprisingly stale (for a Vick run offense). Still, they produce points on O and stop points on D. Falcons by 3

NY Giants at Dallas: The Giants turn the ball over far too much. Against a tough Cowboy D, you can't win the game if you are giving up the ball. Cowboys by 6

Minnesota at Houston: The Vike offense is too one dimensional. No running game (due to injuries and suspensions). Houstons D is improving and Carr/Johnson is become quite the connection. I call the upset! Texans by 2

Oakland at Indy: Indy is pretty unstoppable right now. If it was in Oakland I might lean slightly to them. Indy will win, but Rob Ryan's defense will give James and Manning fits in the process. Colts by 6

Miami at NE: I really want to call the upset. This matchup has upset writeen all over it. Miami's offense flat out sucks, but its defense is one of the best in the league. I think the defense will score points and cause turnovers against a surprised Pat offense, but the Miami offense will cause too many turnovers itself and be unable to move against NE. Will be a defensive matchup, and I'll give it to NE. Pats by 2

Tampa Bay at N'awlins: Even if "The Bad Saints" show up, they'll still be able to take out the Bucs ineffective defense and completely inept offense (now being QB'ed by Chris Simms). Saints by 5

Cleveland at Pittsburgh: The Steeler defense is finally getting back to old form (blitzing, causing turnovers and hard hitting). The Steeler offense is getting the job done. The tempo of the past three games for the steelers has been controlled in every aspect. The Brownie defense is looking good, but the offense has been getting lucky too much lately. Garcia's luck has run out. You see how terrible he did against blitzing? The only thing "browns" he'll see is the brown spot in his pants. Steelers by 7

Buffalo at NY Jets: Oh if Drew has a good game.... regardless, the Jets are deserving of their 4-0 record. They'll dominate. Jets by 9

Jacksonville at San Diego: You know how people say "even I can gain 10 yards rushing in Mike Shanahans system"? Well, LaDanian Thomlinson is the exact opposite. He has a terrible line, and STILL has spectacular outings. Drew Brees is simply keeping them in it, LT is running with purpose, the defense is young but decent enough. Jacksonville has a good front four, but their are young and just came off their first loss. Upset? Dunno, doesn't seem like an upset to me Bolts by 1

Carolina at Denver: Carolina returns Stephen Davis to the lineup. That will really improve the Panthers offense. However, the Denver defense is a top 5 D this year. As long as they can avoid turnovers, I think the Broncs can win this one. Broncos by 2

Arizona at San Fran: Isn't San Fran happy they gave up Mooch? The Sheriff has improved the Zona D, and the offense is starting to click. Cards by 3

St Louis at Seattle: Good matchup. I think Seattle is the better team (good defense!) and has the home field advantage. That should be enough. Seahawks by 6

Baltimore at Washington: You know how to run against the 34 D? I'll tell you how... run a 2-TE form. That old coach for the Skin knows how to play against good 34 defenses... when he was winning superbowls, they were common in the league. Jamal Lewis is caught up in his court case this week, Kyle Boller isn't a QB, and the Ravens defense can be beaten. Another loss for Baltimore. Skins by 3

Tennessee at Green Bay: Oh how the mighty have fallen. I'm giving this to Green Bay for one reason. Favres brother-in-law died this week. Last time someone close to Favre died (his father), the following game was a career game. Add a solid Favre throwing game to a healthy running Ahman Green? That's some serious offense! Packers by 7

Oh, and for the record, WIAK thought that I was crazy for putting the Titans at the bottom of their division in my original prediction before week 1.
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Football: Week 5 picks

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  • To quote what I heard this morning, you know you're in trouble when you're a home dog against Arizona...

    Man, I hope the Packers can turn it around this weekend. 1-4 would have people jumping off ledges. Unfortunatly, I think the injuries plus the death will be a source of distraction, not inspiration.
  • Since I haven't been near the internet cafe in a number of weeks...Am I solidly in last place?
  • Although I picked New England in the pools this week, I think Miami has a good shot.

    New England is due for a letdown, and don't underestimate the Dolphins desire to ensure that the Pats don't get that record 19th win.

  • Detroit baby... besides, I have Roy Williams on my fantasy team and he's been r0x0rs my s0x0rs. Picked him late in the 8th round of a 14 team draft. People still laughed at me. w0ot.


    An optimistic Chargers fan
  • vikes barely pulled off a win in ot... winning by 6... but considering the game was 21-0 (vikes) at one point the game had no buisness going 28-28 by the end of the 4th quarter. And it wasn't the 1-dimentionality of the running game, their rookie rushed for 150+ yards -- IN REGULATION plus a few more in ot... the fault of letting texas back in the game was purely the fault of the defensive coordinator, who didn't blitz the qb even once the whole game... once they realized it was 4 man they went to a pass

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