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Journal FortKnox's Journal: My Day... 2

Well, today's wierd. My sister-in-law is finally on her way out (will be gone by tomorrow night), we get the 'big' ultrasound this afternoon (probably will know the sex tonight), and I can't get crap done at work (only working half-day cause of the ultrasound) because I'm antsy to see if SS3 will be announced (read the last paragraph on the second page).

Last time I got antsy about something like this it was cause I thought they were making a sequel to StarCraft (the result was StarCraft:Ghost which wasn't nearly what I was hoping for). But this is different... SS2 is my all time favorite game. And the people that made it will be in charge of 3.... Crossing my fingers and hoping

Oh, and for the record, the whole last JE about me 'not voting' and 'trying to piss as many people off' was a joke. Just goes to show you that you can't even involve humor in politics cause people will still get foaming at the mouth. Seriously... go back and read half the comments on why I'm an idiot for not voting. Sheesh, relax people... its just the beginning of October!
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My Day...

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  • One of the four lesser comics on Tough Crowd last night tried telling a joke about the election. No one laughed until he asked why he didn't get a laugh.

    The answer? "You didn't do anything to let us know you weren't serious."

    So, when trying to make political humor, be sure to lead early with a "this is a joke" line. A random call from the White House would do it, like so:

    "The oddest thing happened to me today. The moment I walked through my front door, my phone started ringing. Constantly, like the w
  • people are too uptight. About Religion, Politics, and Football. Oh, and operating systems, too. They can't all be calm, cool, collected guys like us, FK. ;-)

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