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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: WTF Ricky?!?! 5

We all remember "I do not enjoy playing anymore" and the dancing around the whole "I want to be able to smoke pot and not worry about your silly drug tests" that Ricky Williams said before taking off out of the country.

While away, since he was in breach of his contract, the Miami Dolphins went through contract dispute and it resulted in Ricky owing Miami $8.6mil. Guess what his agent just said?
``Ricky has asked me to explore and to try to facilitate his return,'' said his agent, Leigh Steinberg. ``He has a passion for playing football and is excited about playing.''

Yeah... my ASS. This kid flip-flops more than John Kerry (though we all know Ricky has got to have some serious bipolar issues going on). The guy wants to just get this $8.6mil debt out of his hands. I'd say no team would want him, cause he's bolting the second he gets outta debt, but the way Miami is playing right now... they may just take him back. But then there's the whole 'drug suspension' he has to face... may be for the rest of the year. Anywho, I don't see him being a major RB again, especially not this year.

Story here.
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Football: WTF Ricky?!?!

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    Go smoke your dope in China or something.

    It was all good til they took their money back huh?

    Pathetic loser.
  • He's just scared b/c of the $8.6 mil they told him he'd have to repay.

    He doesn't give a damn about football or the Miami Dolphins or he wouldn't have done what he did to begin with.

    But, if he can come back this season, I'll take him-- make him work his butt off the rest of the season and then cut him so someone else can deal with his crap.

    • He already screwed over the team. I have a feeling he'll be on his ass outta work and never invited by any NFL team again, but there is always the desperate (which Miami has become, unfortunately).
      • Right now, the Dolphins expect their $8.6 million back. If he decides to return, we don't have to keep him past this season, but it would mean never getting the $8.6 million back.

        Ricky seems dumb enough to think somebody else would want him, so I expect he would play hard to try and convince someone else to sign him. Maybe we can get a seventh round pick and a case of beer for him after the season. If we're lucky.

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