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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Sorry about yesterday 12

I can't believe I am saying this, but Em was right.

Understand, yesterday came after some tough (gut) times for me. The airplane trip had me stressed (well, was the whole idea of having to go to this training), so my stomach was a touch outta wack before I even left. As soon as I arrived, I ended up drinking, which sets off an IBS episode. That was miserable, and the next day after an episode is my gut basically healing itself. Anytime I eat, like 15 minutes later (when it hits my intestine), I get this sick/sour stomach feeling, and it lasts for a while. I was up all night with an upset gut, basically. But the next morning it was basically gone. Every morning I have a sick gurgling gut... but after my shower and breakfast, I'm usually ok, and I was today.

So, to wrap that paragraph up, I was sick the past two days, and I feel better now. :-)

I'll probably do the football picks thang tomorrow night...

This training has been phenominal.... well, not the training (it involves a graphical front end and a brand new java backend... done nothing but the front end... I'm no graphic artist!), but just everything. The restaurants I'm going to are like 4-5 star. You see, this isn't just a "trip to training"... its a "trip to train on a brand new product, and I'm basically one of the first to train on it, will probably become an expert, and my company will hoc this product off to other companies." So they give us gourmet lunches (with FANTASTIC deserts), all the salesmen are around us trying to get us nice meals and stuff to do (almost went to Wrigley Field yesterday, but the salesman couldn't get the tickets, and it woulda cost me and the guy I'm with about $180 to get to the field, scalp the tickets and get back to the hotel). Anywho, I'm being treated like an absolute King here. The hotel room I'm in is gorgeous and I've been well taken care of.

I just couldn't really explain that when I was feeling miserable. :-)
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Sorry about yesterday

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  • I'm no alternative medicine fanatic but I had acid reflux disease and have not had an epsiode in almost a year. I drink a cup of this stuff a day in the morning after tea and I am doing much better now than when I was in my early 20's. Walmart is the cheapest like 10 dollars for 2.5 gallons which will last 2 weeks to a month depending on the size of your cups. All mine are coffee cups and japanese tea sets. My plates are all 8" as well, to try to limit portions heh. That is another story though.
    • keep in mind I use the term 'gut' for a reason. I have IBS... my stomach is fine, its my intestines that are miserable. My doctor basically told me, once I'm in pain, there isn't much to do except wait until they heal themselves... the trick is to avoid it. I have 3 real keyoffs: stress, alcohol, lettuce. I'm also staying away from milk and eggs, just in case. I went against my list on monday and paid for it... just gotta remember this past couple days the next time I reach for a beer ;-)
      • Are you sure its alcohol, perhaps its just beer. You should turn to the dark side of alcholism, Join me and we can rule the world with Early Times and store brand blended whiskies!
      • I don't have a problem with the liquor.
        My problem is with soda.
        that triggers it like nothing else.
      • I know what IBS is but I do not have it. Aloe vera is good for all eternal organs it comes in contact with including the intestines. Some flaky [] and not so flaky [] sources.

        It took almost 2-3 months to stop getting the pain when I lied on my right side at night from my acid leaking out to my esphagous but it worked, I think.

    • I have acid reflux... might have to give this a try.
      • Aside from the obvious diet things, try not to eat late at night (before you go to bed). I have had good success with acid reducers (pepcid AC and that kind of crap). The hard part for me is giving up soft drinks and stuff like pizza.....
        • Mine is interesting. Diet has never affected it. For years I was on Tagamet but I had some other stomach problems my junior year of high school and was switched off it. Propulsid worked very well for all my stomach issues but it has major side effects and I think is completely off the market now. I occasionally take Zantac now and it tends to help, but some days nothing helps.
    • Out of curiousity, where might I find this at Wal-Mart? Not sure if I'd expect it in the pharmacy section or food section or what...
  • ????


    Eh, the only reason I even wrote it (mostly joking, of course) is because everyone was being so frickin syrupy with their concern and shit.

    I'm telling you, this place is turning into a Hippy love in. Normally, that would be good, except at this love in, all the women are Charro with a goatee and the men are James Dean...horribly disfigured in a alligator wrestling match.

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