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Journal FortKnox's Journal: This Blows 14

Yeah, I got net access finally. The training room doesn't have it. The hotel does, but its wireless. The guy I'm with had 2 cards, so we finally got'm installed tonight. Was a real pain.

The guy I'm with (big dude in my company... in charge of the .NET practice) is really cool and we are getting along great.

Flight was alright (had to stand in security longer than the actual flight... even had to remove my shoes). But I had the stress feeling in my gut (as in, IBS flare feeling). So I did the dumbest thing I could. I had a beer with the guy I went with. I regretted that later that night... and throughout the middle of the night. Still sore gut from that one. Hopefully it'll clear up tomorrow.

I just wanna relax and lay in my own damn bed... I'm a home body... there's no doubt about it.
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This Blows

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  • I know that feeling. I get nervous just being away from my apartment for 8 hours. Weekends are bad. And since I moved, I haven't been away for more than 5 days... I'm always afraid I left a door unlocked, or the place catches on fire, or whatever.

    I sleep really poorly normally, not in my own bed sucks even more.


    I'm pretty much a homebody too, except I do like to travel to cool places. I wind up missing home though within a week or two (or less depending upon where I am and what I'm doing).
  • Hate to say it, but you've got some interesting stuff going on there. Even though alcohol isn't supposed to be good for your gut, it would at least "relax" me to the point where I wasn't stressing about my gut and I'd be fine for the most part. Sounds like it hits you pretty hard.

    Get well. And you'll be fine. Travelling sucks, but getting home is great. :)

  • How much beer was that? I have to go beyond the five litre mark (2.5 gallon, about...) in order to have to puke. That usually only when I drank too fast (like on parties with free beer *grin*)

    Before that it's just a big bad hangover.

    • Scrap that gallon conversion... I shouldn't post without a considerable amount of caffeine in my blood. Five litres would be about 1.2gallon, of course... Sorry about that.
    • I was complaining about my gut, not the need to puke (think intestines, not stomach).
      • Ah, okay... Well, I usually don't have that after too much beer. A bit bloated feeling and some good beer-farts, but that usually describes the feeling.

        So I must automatically have assumed "puking" when you said you felt bad. Sorry, I'll never doubt your beer-ingesting-qualities again ;-)))

  • For a while I was downing Gaviscon like Halls on a runny nose day. Beer! Beer was my salvation. Two beers (Sammys Guinness Bass if I was slumming) and my stomach would "calm down."

    If I had Pizza, or anything with most red sauce though... days of pain.
  • Suck it the fuck up Johnny.

    Remember why you are there. To be the man right?

    So suck it up and be the fucking man.

    And then, a week from now or however long it is you're gone, you can go bck to mild mannered Josh by day, suave NFL fan by night.

    Speaking of, Grossman's done. GOSH DAMNIT!

    I'm not bitter.

    And I really don't mean any of what I said above, other than GOSH DAMNIT, and Grossman's done. Just figured someone had to be an asshole, and since I applied for the job, it's mine. ;)

    So, to reiterate: S
  • had to stand in security longer than the actual flight... even had to remove my shoes

    Always wear shoes you can slip on and off easily when you go to a commercial airport. A lot of shoes have metal, so just let them run then with your carry on bag.

    They are not supposed to tell you to take your shoes off and do that, but they still do sometimes.

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