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Journal FortKnox's Journal: FootBall: Week Three Picks 5

Arizona vs. Atlanta This is Vick's best shot at actually sitting in the pocket and trying out the new West Coast offense. Peerless, its gonna be your day in the sun. Dirty Birds by 6

Baltimore vs. Cincinnati I'd really like to give this game to Cincinnati. I truely think the defense will show up to play the Baltimore offense, but Cincinnati has proven a bit weak against the run. And Baltimore can stop Rudi Johnson, and should be able to take care of a shaky Carson Palmer. It'll be close, and I want the Bengals to win, but I know better. Ravens by 1

Philadelphia vs. Detroit Detroit has proven hearty at home. Unfortunately I don't think Joey Harrington can handle the blitzes he's about to see. Eagles by 7

Houston vs. Kansas City Houston should be able to put up some good points against the KC D... if Priest is out, then they have a good shot at the upset. Texans by 3

Pittsburgh vs. Miami The Pittsburgh D is tougher than Cincinnati's, and the O is probably about the same (Ben Roethlisburger's first start). As long as Big Ben can avoid INTs returned for touchdowns, then the Steelers should rise to the top. Steelers by 2

Chicago vs. Minnesota Can Chicago pull a double upset? Not with second stringers as their secondary. Vikings by 10

Cleveland vs. NY Giants At last, Jeff Garcia isn't up against a tough D. Should be able to eat the G-Men alive. Browns by 6

New Orleans vs. St. Louis Good matchup, here. Aaron Brooks won't be able to produce like last week, but still should be able to squeak a win past the surprisingly vulnerable Rams. Saints by 3

Jacksonville vs. Tennessee The true test of Jacksonville's defense... against Mr. Co-MVP and a fast and young Chris Brown. Titans by 2

San Diego vs. Denver I almost want to hand the win to the Bolts, but Q Griff has an IOU for the recent fumbling and has a defense to take it out on. Broncos by 6

Green Bay vs. Indianapolis This will be THE game this week. Green Bay returns from an embarassing lost. Indy comes in from a come-from-behind win against their hardest division rivals. I'm gonna give it the the QB who will be in the hall of fame first. Packers by 1

San Francisco vs. Seattle San Fran is primed for an upset the way they've been keeping close with all their opponents. Seattle is up for a reality check. Neither happens this week. Seahawks by 3

Tampa Bay vs. Oakland The finally fallen, inept defense of tampa bay faces the young and tough defense of Rob Ryan and the Oakland Raiders (lets face it... the Raiders aren't winning cause of Norv Turner... they are winning cause of Rob Ryan). Gannon exacts revenge, Simms takes the snap at the beginning of the second half and is truely welcomed into the NFL. Raiders by 7

Dallas vs. Washington Defense and running, this is bound to be a slow boring game (not as bad as Dallas/Cleveland was, though)... I'll give it to the Skins cause of a better RB. Redskins by 3
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FootBall: Week Three Picks

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  • Which birds are the dirty ones?
  • Gruden isn't going to throw Sims to the Wolves (or Warren Sapp). Sapp will be trying to break someone's legs, and Brad Johnson is the most likely target, with Alstott being the number 2 man. Basically Sapp is pissed, Alstott got resigned with a broke neck, but TB's GM wouldn't even talk to Warren because he's to old and broke down, yeah that ranked pretty high on my bullshit detector too.

    Bottom line, Norv Turner can't coach his way out of a wet paper bag and Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber have Gannon'
  • Ok.

    I agree with:
    Arizona vs. Atlanta Dirty | Birds by 6
    I think Vick will do well against the lackluster Cards D.

    Baltimore vs. Cincinnati | Ravens by 1
    This is a coin toss as to who wins.

    Philadelphia vs. Detroit | Eagles by 7
    Detroit is close, but Philly has too much talent.

    Pittsburgh vs. Miami | Steelers by 2
    The Phines just suck. 0 - 16.

    Chicago vs. Minnesota | Vikings by 10
    I'd love to go with my Bears, but I think the Viks are looking for someone to beat up on after Monday Night.

    Cleveland vs

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