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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Another Moderation Suggestion... 18

One more mod suggestion from me.

Today, I offended someone, and got downmodded on my post, then downmodded on the past 6 posts I made before.

Perhaps mod points should only work on the stories from the day they are given and the future. It'll prevent little mod pricks from attacking one person... Then again, its possible of being an editor (no way to tell), and that rule would be overruled by their power (and they claim that editors are users)...

Yes, I know this will never see fruitation, because there are a lot worse problems out there that are ignored, which I've mentioned before and figure its pointless to mention again...
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Another Moderation Suggestion...

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  • How about your mod points only work once per poster (AC excluded) per "session" (session being the 5 points you get)? I already can't go back and keep moding the same post over and over, how about just extending that to the same poster?
  • seriously. several months back was a huge moderation debate, and I raised a point that the moderators (and everyone) only see the most recent mod on the comment headline. For example, a comment that got 4 Informative mods to bring up to Score 5 would display as "Score 5, Informative." But if someone came along and gave an Offtopic mod, it displays as "Score 4, Offtopic." According to the Thread of Death post and personal experience, this comment will now incur more negative mods, regardless of how informative and on-topic it was.

    Whether or not they (the slashteam) listened to me specifically or not, this has changed. In the above example, the comment given the OT mod would still display as "Score 4, Informative" because Informative has been given more. In cases where the number of mods are equal, the last used mod is displayed. For example, a post gets two Insightfuls, then two Trolls (a common conflict). The display is "Score 1, Troll."

    The only real problem that can come of this is the case where the three I's get used interchangebly, resulting in a comment having one of each, then two negatives, now the negative mod dominates the others. There's no true way to solve that other than maybe one .sig I saw out there -- "Insightful != Informative, Informative != Interesting, Interesting != Insightful"
    • The whole debacle about showing what is editor moderation vs. user moderation and unlimited mod points has been brought to their attention with heavy criticism, but they don't do crap about it.

      It took a HELL of a lot of work to get them to implement the fix for the original PWP... so much so, that I'm not going to even bother writing a bug up for the new PWP. Maybe that was jamie's reasoning for making it so difficult... so that no one would bother him again.

      At least in the capitalistic product model, we can complain that we spent money and expect a better product, but in the open source model, we find that you get it for free, you can fix it for free, but if they don't like the fix, you can just shove it.

      • They don't make the changes because they can't. I tried to look at the slashcode. Ugly mess and then some. Part of the problem is the age of the slash system. It's been around since mid 90s and no one has decided to refactor the code or design. Second, Perl is a nice language and such, but it leads to a complex mess. The OO features of Perl are less than desired and the syntax leaves a nice mess.

        I think a lot of the moderation issues sound easy, until you realize that the slashdot team didn't plan the design for expandability and no one seems interested in that at this time.
    • I raised a point that the moderators (and everyone) only see the most recent mod on the comment headline.

      Why should we even see any types of moderation totals for the stories. It just turns out that people start developing group thought and even though a comment is just stupid, everyone thinks it's great.

      Same is true with the whores who post the full text of the article in the comments. I don't need to see it right away, but someone did it once and now everyone mods them to +5 Informative...at least until they meet me in M2 :o)

      If you don't display the comments score, but still allow people to seed higher comments towards the top, then people can make their own decision.
  • There's nothing worse than kiddies ruining all the fun. It really is absurd, thinking that moderation points become a means of a beatdown. But I don't think I'd even attempt to alter the moderation system in a way that locks the points to stories or to different people or time or anything...and here's why.

    There are no technical solutions to social problems. At best, a technical solution can ease/hide/stifle the symptoms of the problem.

    And that's what the moderation system is really trying to do. Slashdot is filled with a bunch of intelligent thoughtful people and a bunch of completely annoying brats. And the whole moderation system tries to remove the brats annoyances for the benefit of the thoughtful people. For the most part, it kinda works.

    And then there's these annoy fuckups that it has, like a single brat being able to drop a frequent poster's karma down by 5 in a matter of seconds. This sucks, but it really doesn't hurt the thoughtful poster until said brat and his 10 bratty friends all manage to get mod points and trounce a person. Rare, but it could happen. If it did, you'd probably just mail the editors and say 'uhh, a little help here'

    Then there's the cost of locking the moderation points. I think that allowing 1 point per story, 1 point per person, or in any way dictating how points would be spent might get in the way of thoughtful discussion far more than it would prevent the kiddies from tormenting a poster. I personally tend to spend most of my points on one or two storie..specifically ones that I know something about, and I probably spend it on the same people more than I think. I'd hate to not be able to mod in a story because it was posted before my points showed up.

    Flame away...I'm not a slashdot kiss-ass, just think that the drawbacks of dealing with this are worse than the problem itself. *shrug*

    • Great points. I always thought the best model is everyone gets unlimited points, but can only moderate one comment once. That way you get mod'ed to the community's opinion as a whole.

      The current model could even allow that once day, nothing but trolls get mod points.

      I'm just whining about it. Its not like I'm gonna get banned (went from 50 to 43 karma, and I can easily get the 7 points back).
      • Hell yeah, I'd whine too. And bitch and moan. And hope that some meta-moderator sees all of the beatdowns and slams the moderator hardcore.
          • [...] some meta-moderator sees all of the beatdowns and slams the moderator hardcore.

          Uh, I happened to do that exactly a little while ago, because I was actually agreeing with a moderator downmodding someone consistently. The moderator was just doing a fair job at modding down a blatant flamebait or something (whatever it was).

          Shortly after, or perhaps on the same day, I got banned from moderating again. I've lost M2 shortly after, so I'm currently not moderating or meta-moderating, for a reason known from the editors alone, and for an indeterminate (indefinite?) period of time.

          • That sucks, too.

            Did you meta-mod the Post of Death? Would explain it, although it wouldn't make sense. I don't really agree with the whole moderation banning thing at all, personally, but it's Taco's sandbox, so he gets to decide what goes.

            • I have never spent any mod points in the post in question, however I think that the moderations that I have meta-moderatedI don't like it either, but that doesn't really bother me in reality. I've never had as much karma as what I have these days ;)
      • The only problem with the approach of everyone getting unlimited mod points, but only being able to use them once on a comment is free memberships.

        Free memberships are a good thing, but how many people have multiple slashdot accounts? If a troll wanted to kill you, all they would have to do is go mod down all of your old posts, which is much larger than the Karma cap, or just create 50 accounts, and have each account mod down the comment.

        That's the only problem I see with it.

  • This is offtopic, but I thought that you guys might know a lot about moderation.

    Every now and then, I see a post with moderations and moderation totals under the .sig. How do I get to see that for all posts? Why does it even appear in the first place? Am I misunderstanding something?

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