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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: Week 2 Recap 14

Wow, I did do terrible (though most agreed with my picks). Here's the breakdown

My Pick (my record (tally) for the week)

Rams at Falcons (0-1): Wow, I thought Vick needed time in the West Coast offense and that he wouldn't have a good year this year. What I failed to recognize is that when Vick doesn't see an open receiver, he simply takes off for a rushing first down.

Steelers at Ravens (0-2): Do I hafta talk about it??? Well, the Steeler D played extremely well except for the first Raven drive. Once they settled down, everything went fine defensively. Offensively, Duce Staley was making good runs, but Cowher kept trying to air it out. Shoulda ran a ton more, alternating between Bettis and Staley... shoulda worn down that defense! Regardless, Maddox got hurt, and I already called the game a loss... but look at Mr. Roethlisburger making two TDs (against a zone) on one of the best Ds in the NFL! So, if Maddox is out a ton of games, the Steelers won't have the best record, but they'll have a great excuse, and get to see their first round pick in action. I can't wait to see if Roethlisburger is the best QB in this past draft :-D

Texans at Lions (0-3): Too little, too late for the Texans. David Carr did try to rally, but had too rough a time with Detroit. The Lions are a surprising 2-0, now (yeah, its just week 2)

Bears at Pack (0-4): Told ya it'd be a toughy. You can never 100% a win when you talk about old rivalries. I remembered back in the Steelers Superbowl run (I think?) when they only had two losses... both were to the Bengals. The Bengals only had two wins that season. Divisional Rivals and old Rivalries can almost always cause upsets.

Broncs at Jags (0-5): It was Denvers game (Elam coulda hit that FG) until Quentin got a cause of the drops. Maybe I should pickup Tatum Bell for insurance in my fantasy team?

Panthers at Chefs (1-5): Stephen Davis...? DeShaun Foster...? Doesn't matter cause the Cheifs can't stop the run regardless. Cunningham better get his ducks in a row if he wants to stay in coaching. KC fans were expecting a miracle, and he just sh*t in their faces.

Niners at Saints (2-5): Wow, I didn't think Aaron Brooks had it in him! I didn't see this game, but I'm only assuming San Fran stayed in it because McAllister was out... am I right?

Skins at Giants (2-6): This is what I love about football. You can be a powerhouse one week, but be humbled (humiliated?) the next. Lets face it folks.... you can't possibly win a football game when you cough up the ball 7 times!

Colts at Titans (2-6): Manning had Indianapolis worried in the first half, but gave the ball to Edgerrin "Its a Contract Year" James (who is looking like the person they want to contract instead of Harrison this year, BTW). All in all, a good game.

Seahawks at Bucs (3-6): Didn't see this game, but it looks like the Seahawks O sputtered a bit (was Alexander out, still?). I heard Chris Simms took the helm in the second quarter for the Bucs...

Browns at Cowboys (4-6): What a terrible game for both Os. The defense was pickin wounded ducks all day (wasn't it like 3 picks on each side??). Worst of all, Kellen Winslow Jr breaks his leg... that'll be like 6 games.

Pats at Cards (5-6): Good to see Arizona at least put up a fight. I think the Pats D has some flaws that coaches are exposing...

Bills at Raiders (6-6): I though Ryan had some tricks up his sleeve. It looks like he's got his Dad's intuition when it comes to defense. The raiders are just gonna get nastier on defense as the weeks go by.

Jets at Chargers (7-6): So, wanna start a pool on when Curtis Martin's age catches up to him? I'll give him four more weeks, tops. On that note, it won't matter, cause Chad Pennington is leading them just like before injury.

Phins at Bengals (8-6): Wow, looks like the Phins defense still has some punch left in it. The offense looks TERRIBLE... especially the offensive line. The Bengals have a decent defense, but not one that's leaking defenders into the backfield every play. Looks like the Pittsburgh Defense is in for a treat next week.

Vikes at Eagles: On tonight.

So, I'm either 9-6 or 8-7. Yeah, not great, but there were a good many of upsets in that week. I'm sticking with my Vikings pick.

Random Notes:
First, I'd like to say that ESPN seriously needs to change their Sunday night crew. Take your field reporter and put her in the press box with Pat Summerall. Next, take those two MORONS and throw them out on the streets. They have no business in that box AT ALL! Hire Lynn Swann to take the field reports again, and you'll have a nice crew. My god are those guys idiots. The only pleasure I have in the games this year is hearing Pat Summerall correct them when they say something stupid!

I think the Cowboys woulda been better off with Quincy Carter

I can't believe the Texans are not doing well this year. They looked like a maturing team... David Carr has been improving each year and was due for a breakout. Their WRs are clicking, they got a running game, the O line is finally improving, their D has always been decent. What's the problem, here?

Who will be the coach in Miami next year?? Who will take a chance to put Wannestadt back in an assistants job? Will Miami rip their D apart to give themselves a decent offense? Should the Dolphins enlist the help of Akili Smith for QB?? Will the Dolphins sell off their entire O line for 3 Good Offensive linement (1 Good tackle, guard, and center is better on the field than all their current starters and backups at the same time right now!).

Ever seen a team more charged up, or the fans more excited than in Cincinnati last night? Talk about being pent up for ten years and finally getting some relief ;-) (I'd say "bethanie do your worst," but odds are, she doesn't read my football entries).

Yeah, Roethlisbuger threw two ints, one returned for a TD, but look at his numbers and compare it to any rookie QB starting his first game. That boy did FANTASTIC for his first game! Especially against a Raven defense! He needs to learn that his college-type scrambling days are over, though ;-)

WTF is up with the injury replays on the Steelers/Ravens game? "Oh man, look at Maddox's elbow... he musta dislocated it!" ... 1 series later... "Lets look back at when Tommy Maddox was injured" ... 1 quarter later... "Looks like the DE rolled right into Tood Heaps ankle... ouch, that musta hurt..." 2 plays later "Now lets look back at the injury... in this play, Tommy Maddox injures his elbow. Look at how his forearm wobbles after this attempted throw... now look at the DE aaron smith roll over Todd Heaps ankle!" Then, they go on to talk about the terrible tweak Deion Sanders has with his hammy... WTF people?!?!? Look at the injury reports... The headlines are something like "Winslow breaks leg, Sanders injures Hamstring".... HE'S A FUCKING NICKEL BACK! He isn't important, and he just tweaked it while... TRYING TO CATCH BURRESS. Sweet hell, a starting TE is injured, and a starting QB will be out several weeks meaning a rookie QB takes his spot, and Deion Sanders gets the headlines. WTF is wrong with the football media?

That being said, seeing Deion return a punt for 23 yards, then getting a 15 yard penalty for taking off his helmet was just classic. Even my wife was yelling at the TV (yeah, my wife... who was in marching band and didn't understand football follows the Steelers, watching the games with me, knowing whats going on (well, she sometimes gets confused on what plays are challengable and what aren't)... she even watched a good deal of the Bengals game with me) :-D

The Browns have a surprisingly good D again this year. Their O still sucks (even with 2 great RBs and a new vet QB). I thought the new OC would do great things... maybe he just needs a year??
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Football: Week 2 Recap

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  • What's worse than the injury replays was the damn color commentator on the Raiders game yesterday saying the word "smashmouth" every other sentence, as in "If these guys say they want to run a smashmouth style offense, then they need to..." and "That kind of play doesn't fit into a smashmouth style offense..." The only mouth smashing that needs to happen is on that guy. By halftime I was just about running back and forth in front of the TV yelling "LA LA LA LA LA LA!!!"
  • The Fins D looked spectacular last night. Couldn't quite get it done at the end, but they were on the field so much last night you can't fault them for it.

    Feeley was worthless. Dave says he benched Fiedler because of the turnovers, but in two games it's been Feeley giving up interception returns for touchdowns.

    Watching McMichael (one of the best TE's in the league without a doubt) take off his helmet and tell off the offensive line in the fourth quarter was awesome, and it obviously did some good-- th

    • with an Oline, and QB this would be a good team. Lamar Gordon is a good RB, but he doesn't know the playbook that well, and is playing behind a thin slice of swiss cheese for a line.

      Feely and Fiedler aren't the answers. Hell, even Tim Couch (who's available, btw) is a better choice for QB than those two.

      I thought the defense took a big hit when they let Wale go, and boy was I wrong about that.
      • Wale was good, but I think his sack number was overhyped. Two seasons ago, Jason Taylor had a ton of sacks, so last year offenses clearly focused on him. Of course, that left the other side open for Wale to do the job.

        Look at the Super Bowl QBs for Baltimore and Tampa Bay. You don't need a superstar to win anymore, you just need a QB who won't blow it when the game is on the line. Feeley blew it with that INT last night.

  • It was almost....comforting last night watching the Patriots after the 2 out of 3 beating the Red Sox took at the hands of the Yankees. Toward 4pm for the switchover I could just feel the relief as I finally, mercifully changed the channel. I don't think there was ever really a threat.

    It was fun watching Arizona's quarterback put his body on the line a few times. Even the announcers thought he was a little nuts the way he kept heading for the sidelines and then trying to squeeze out a few more yards, ju

  • Falcons 34 Rams 17
    Yup. Mr. Vick conjured up some magic: 14 fo 19. 179 yards passing. 109 yards rushing. TD pass. He is electric!
    I think it's safe to say that the Rams suck. 1 - 0

    Ravens 30 Steelers 13
    What the hell happened here? The Ravens suck and still they pummeled the Steelers. Oh... gonna be a l_o_n_g season in Pitt. 1 - 1

    Lions 28 Texans 16
    ARGH! No comment. 1 - 2

    Bears 21 Pack 10
    Are you serious!? On one hand I am happy that my Bears won... the other hand I'm strangling the Pack Defense. 1 - 3

    • 0-16, really? No one has ever gone 0-16. 15 consecutive losses in a season is the worst (Carolina a few years back in their 1-15 year).

      The Fins will win a couple. Defense will win at least two games on its own. Once Dave picks a QB, whichever it is, he will settle down and stop making as many mistakes. It's gonna be a long year on offense but it won't be as bad as the first two weeks have been.

  • ...(well, she sometimes gets confused on what plays are challengable and what aren't)...

    For the number of times the coaches get confused, you can't really blame her for not being up on what this year's challengable issues are. I loved the comentator's line in the previous week's ESPN game, over a stupidly non-challengable bad call: Well, forty seconds into the season seems like a good time to start complaining about the Rules Committee!"

  • There is nothing wrong with the media for focusing on Sanders. He is a hall of fame player who is trying to come back after a few years away from the game and in the media booth. He is probably one of the best athletes of our time.

    To top of his hall of fame football stat sheet and dual sport appeal, he happens to be one of the greatest (or most annoying) personalities to every play the game. He kind of reminds me of what Don King would be like as an athlete.

    So yes, his current position is not important,

  • Why stop with Theismann and Maguire? Let Suzy Kolber do play-by-play, and bring in Ron Jaworski and Merrill Hoge for color. Any who's seen "Sponsor-of-the-week NFL Matchup" knows that these three cover football better than anyone on the air today. Who'da thunk two ex-pros bickering over game film would be so entertaining?

    I think NFL fans are grown-up enough to accept a woman in the booth, and Suzy has the best cred for the job. Merrill did color for the Steelers' radio team (learning at the right hand of

  • Just goes to show you it's *never* safe to assume that I'm not reading. ;-)

    I just refrain from commenting from time to time. :-)

    • You into the football thing, or did someone point you to it cause I mentioned you by name?
      • Option 3 -- I was absentmindedly skimming while holding a nursing baby. Basically, I was trying to kill some time.

        I am emphatically NOT into "the football thing."

        And nobody ever points me to anything. I am a lonely little planet in the far arm of the galaxy.

  • YEEEHA!!! And I missed the WHOLE freaking game due to a memorial golf outing. DAMMIT!

    Anyway, Go BEARS!!!! :)

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