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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Infiltration, a new type of addiction...

Infiltration is a mod of Unreal Tournament, as well as my most recent video game addiction.

Unable to buy new games (or buy new anything), I went to old games I haven't finished (Thief2), and mods of halflife and UT. CounterStrike (before you even suggest) is old and ancient to me. I started playing it before it become remotely popular, and ever since 1.0, I got bored after two or three rounds. I tried other mods, like Tac-Ops for UT, which is a CS clone with nicer features, but worse gameplay (I can be caught playing a round or two).

Then came Infiltration. A "realism" mod. Walking, running, jogging, kneeling, going prone, can't walk into narrow passages and turn all the way around, this game has it all. But the best part is you get to choose a "loadout" (which you can customize). Customizing a loadout (which you do on the main menu, not in the game) allows you to put any weapon (and each weapon has at least one or two mods you can place on it, like a scope, laser, flashlight, silencer, etc...) into your arsenal, but you have to be wary of encumbrance. You setup a bunch of loadouts (or use the dozen already made), and jump into the game. Don't like the loadout? Well you can switch to another one, and it'll reset to that one next round. The whole "loadout" idea really reminds me of the days of my Tribes addiction. The way you play ("class" for you RPG'ers) is totally dependant on how you setup your loadout. For example, I have a silenced FN P90 gun with burst and auto modes, and a P50 .50cal sniper rifle (and a desert eagle for a sidearm). I run around scouting, and if I can get to high ground, snipe around. I'm getting good at hiding in dark areas, waiting till enemies sneak past and hit each one (from the rear to the front) with my silenced machine gun. Not one of them realizes what's going on, and if they do, I switch to the eagle and fire cover while I haul ass to a secure location.

Anywho, I suggest it to anyone looking for a good FPS that requires skill, originality, and uniqueness.

Anyone else have a fav mod or Halflife or UT?
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Infiltration, a new type of addiction...

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