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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A little help, maybe? 6

OK, cable company changed the ips now that I'm at work today.

Wife isn't home (at her parents), so can't resolve it locally. And the script to fix the IP's if changing is down (was tinkering with it yesterday).

I use cincinnati roadrunner for my service. Is there any possible way I can find the IP list they use so I can do some port scanning (I use an odd port for my mud, which should still be up, so if I could get a decent list, I'd be able to portscan it).

Any ideas? I tried asking the cable company directly, and I either got a "can't help you" or a guy that keeps saying "uhh..." like he doesn't understand anything I say.

Any ideas would be great, I got about 30 mins until emails start bouncing...
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A little help, maybe?

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  • I, too, have found myself stuck in an "oh crap they changed my IP" sitaution. I knew the boxen were back on since an AIM account or two would log back on from that location, but I couldn't get my IP. I haven't found a means to do it in your current situation, but I have a tip for the future. I have a box with xchat running logged on to a common IRC server under a known name. When I suspect an IP change and I'm remote I just go on that IRC server (using a different account) and check my IP (of the first account).

    There are other scripted "send your IP to blah" things for different dynamic DNS things, but I found them to be a pain since I'd always forget to keep them running (windows based ones tend to die and nice perl things under *nix have a tendancy of getting over looked in an "if it an't broke don't fix it" environment). Whereas for my lifestyle keeping an IRC client going works well - and xchat has ability to be persistant when it comes to connecting.

    Now, should I lose my IP and the known IRC server go down (for a while) at the same time I'm hosed, but I see this as a small chance of occurance.

    I had been working on a script to kick off from a tik aim client (you know you can put scripts into away messages) but aim wasn't as relaible as a reconnect as xchat and this opened possibility of someone finding this SN and abusing it.

    Just what I have been working on since my first "oh crap they changed my IP" experience.

    Good luck with yours!
  • If you want to be some kind of server. For client, its cool, but the DHCP/dynamic IP thing is crap.
    Consider signing on to another type of service, which wont let you in the dark. BTW, how many $/month is a T1 in USA these days?
    • Its personal, and I have the cable modem for other reasons. I'm not forking over money (well... I can't fork over much money) for a monthly server, when I can just use the server I have at home. Just serves up webpages, emails, and a mud.

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