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  • by lab16 ( 416283 )
    "Anyone else notice slashdot is slower than molasses today?" I did notice. And I blame it all on Bush. Cause, you know, everythings his fault, right? At least thats what I've been told. Can some pro-Kerry people back me up here?
    • It's Bush's fault that /. is slow today because:

      He's using all of the internet to control GDAMs

      He's cut the research budget to build capacity

      His economic policies have put so many folk out of work that /. is getting flooded

      His inability to pacify N.Korea has disrupted trade in the region, and thus slowed down the upgrade cycle.

      By misusing the English language and being so emarrassingly entertaining, he's found

  • Not slow (Score:3, Funny)

    by wheany ( 460585 ) <wheany+sd@iki.fi> on Monday September 13, 2004 @03:18PM (#10239316) Homepage Journal
    Slashdot is not slow today. Slashdot is a "special" website today.
  • yes yes yes - in fact I don't want to hit submit until I know what I'm gonna do while I wait for the comment to be submitted. Maybe go get a soda or something.

  • Anybody know what happened to Trollback [slashdot.org]? I kinds miss his monthly reviews....
    • I think he's just running late (I hope... TB is entertaining IMHO). I was in the last one (July), so who knows? I may be in the next one?
    • that Trollback was really a string of people that assumed the identity as it fit their needs, but the last one died of an anurism before finding a succesor. That's just what I heard though....

  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    I was looking at a FP, started writing and decided not to bother with a witless "Can you imagine a ..." comment. I'm glad to have paved the way for your moment of glory!

  • I almost got an only post. Way back in the day Rob Malda moved /. from his home to a co-lo somewhere far away. When it finished he posted a story saying it was backup. I was for a number of days (if I remember correcly) the only post on that article. I remember the headling being, "Only Post!".

    Man, /. was much cooler then.
  • I've been parked over on DeviantArt most of today, having had a pretty productive Sunday on the graphics front. More on that in my next JE.

    I'm catching up on My Amigos right now. Congratulations on your FP - it must be a sign that the End is Nigh! :)


I've noticed several design suggestions in your code.