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GNU is Not Unix

Journal FortKnox's Journal: BREAKING NEWS! 6


Company attempts to make money, RMS speaks against company.

Anyone else sick of his senseless drivel?
We live in capitalism. You have to make money to support a family. GNU and open source isn't the answer for EVERYTHING. I think RMS has had his limelight time, and we need to stop the media from listening to what he has to say...
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  • i think the true wisdom of that story is in the very first post of the article
  • What RMS did was make a statement that the UL was not compatible with the GPL

    No matter what else you think of him, would you not agree that he would be one of the foremost experts on what does or does not break the GPL?

    After all, he wrote the thing

  • Reading your journal entries, I am puzzled.

    Are you just a troll playing the pro-ms anti-/. dude, or do you really feel that way?

    If the later is the case, man, what a loser you are. Of course /. is full of retards, but a pro-M$ anti-GPL position is absolute bullshit (unless you are a M$ shareholder - In that case, stop whining here and go waste your millions somewhere like tahiti)

    RMS is full of shit - everyone knows that. But despites that he invented something (the GPL/FSF) what made possible for guys like me to live happily without having to rely on pirated copies of windoze (what I used to do all the way until linix 2.2). Thats a good thing.
    • Here's what I am:
      Pro-MS: Yeah, I use and enjoy most of MS's products. Evil empire? Maybe, but they haven't done anything "evil" to my world that I've noticed. Sure, they pushed around some companies, and now they got caught, so they won't be able to do it again without being completely under the microscope.

      Pro-Linux: Wait? I can't be both? Why not? I run my server on Linux, which is a great OS in my opinion.

      Anti-Slashdot: I'm anti in the sense of how its run. They 'claim' to be all for anonymous internet, security, privacy rights, yet don't practice what they preach. They claim to be a company but run it like a hobby. I do enjoy most articles, I just hate the "commentary" and bias.

      For Open Source: Sometimes. There is a place for open source, and a place for proprientary (hey, I'm even in charge of 3 open source projects). I am FOR open source, not an advocate of elitest. To sound trollish, RMS wants the internet to be a 'true communism'. Now before you freakout, a 'true communism' isn't bad. Corruption in the communistic governments is why they are deemed evil by us capitalists.

      Anti-elitists/bigots/fanatics: I can't stand when someone is so closeminded, especially when they claim to be on the minority, but can't explain why. I view that if you are completely closeminded on one issue, you are a fanatic on that issue. Completely view evolution as a truth and stuff like creationism is a myth? You are a fanatic. A 'true' scientist wouldn't think evolution is completely the truth until the theory can be completely proven (which, honestly, can't happen). Yeah, you'll believe it more than creationism, but you don't throw it out the door. Hard to do? Yes, but that's how you deal with theories.

      Yeah, my views are usually viewed as trolls on slashdot, cause I can be both for MS and for Linux. People have a hard time believing I can view both. Truth is I can see the best of both worlds, and am not afraid to explain that. There are others that think like me, but dare not go against the slashdot-think, but they aren't afraid to mod me up when I make a point. Also, most of my readship thinks similar to me.
      Yeah, I've caused ruckuses, and yeah, I've had authors yell at me, all it does is drive home my points.
      • > Pro-MS
        Well, MY experience with M$ was pretty bad. I used DOS (which was cool in its way, but, hell, I was a teen and would rather use my MSX than a PC), win30 and win31 (wich where the worst piece of shit - cant count the amount of work lost due to crashes and filesystem screwups(this was in college time)), win95 (god dammit, could not run for more than a day without crashing all over), NT, which was good enough for a desktop, but management insisted on its use on mission-critical servers, and the eventual BSODs made it a PITA. Dunno about 2k and Xp, cuz I dropped M$ at NT (thank god for that). I have 98 at home, but I only use it to play CS.
        Of course, all my machines at home used warez versions of windows for obvious reasons (no money, high prices, not being worth $10 and costing $300...). This is a problem these days since BSA is building its evil army here (Brazil), and lots of ppl are getting fscked. Again, thankfully there's no such software on my comps anymore. Even 98 is a legal OEM version that I got for free, go figure.
        BTW, I love M$ hardware! I Have a SideWinder FFpro, FFWheel, and 2 optical trackballs! Cheap ass and decent pieces.

        > Pro-Linux:
        Lunix does all I need,(except access my half-assed ms-java-only home banking, damn stupid bastards) and I am happy with it. Better OS for the X86 in my opinion, and free. But that's about it. No damn zealotrism, it sucks. People, contribute if you can (even I did it, with that aureal vortex2 drivers that became a SF project), but stop being arrogant about Linux and its superiority. That's bullshit.

        > Anti-Slashdot:
        Just don't take /. seriously. Nobody does, at least nobody in its perfect sense. (ok, maybe Rob does, but I doubt it, and hes surely not in his perfect sense anyway... too much taco-snotting ;-)

        > For Open Source
        Open source rocks. Having the source gives the user the power to adjust some particular piece of software to his needs. How many times do you got frustrated by not having a particular silly feature that would be extremely cool, or by having to tolerate a stupid bug in closed-source software because noone did nothin about it? I had, several times. With OSS you just go change whatever you wish. Of course to the average joe luser it matters shit, cuz he can't fix code, but, hell with them. Some people can do, and for them the source code matters.
        Since I develop very customized solutions, I always had my clients the source for what we did, in case we drop support for it or something they won't be fscked. Notice, this is not GPL, they cannot redistribute or sell anything (would do them no good anyway... hehe), but they have the damn code. For me, that's what matters. The communist part means shit to me. Unfortunately, mankind is not evolved enough for commercial software to release its code. Sux.

        > Anti-elitists/bigots/fanatics
        Agree 100%. Fanatics sux. Go see talibans and some religious currents... oh boy... *roll*. Tolerance is what makes good ppl.


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