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Fantasy Football: Draft... NOW... GO!

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  • by metlin ( 258108 ) *
    You ought to try being a football coach or something, mate ;-) Something tells me you'd do a darned good job of it!
    • He may get his shot yet, Joseph is a little young for Pee-Wee football. Truth be known, coaching Little League Baseball and Pee-Wee football are two of the things I'd most look forward to as a father.
  • Since it's Fantasy Football can I pull a Tyler (from the British Sitcom My Hero) and draft fictional characters? Hmm, for American football, maximum usage, I think I'd take the Rock Eater from Never Ending Story for my center, Thermal Man for quarterback, Polar Man for running back..uh.. what were the other positions again? I haven't actually played football since the 8th grade- mid 1980s....
    • Rock Eater from Never Ending Story

      Now there's a reference I haven't heard in a while. For all the (lack of) mentions of the Never Ending Story you see today, you'd think the Nothing had swallowed it up. Bravo.

      For those who haven't seen it, rent it. It's a great movie. (link [])
  • and whos house is it at?
  • I had to work late tonight and thus couldn't watch live... I'm surprised I got so many of my requested picks!! w00t.

    Now, to see who is dealing ;-)
    • You had last (IMHO, best) pick.... that meant you double-picked. The first round you did well... everyone went for RBs, you nabbed top QB and WR. Dunno how well rounded your RBs are... will have to look at it.
      • The RBs I got are a question mark, could go either way really, probably not going to be middle of the road. Could have banner years or could tank.

        Same for the TB DEF, without those prime starters they don't appear to be their former selves, but you never know in the NFL.

        Some of the RBs IMHO are over rated, like George, he was a great RB but the line in Det just isn't what it was when old #22 ran all over the place.

        Then again, I thought Eddie was over rated when he was with Tenn. so maybe I'm just baised

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