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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The day is yours! 9


Well, I was supposed to have today off. Going out of town to my wife's grandfathers wedding (more detail on this... trust me... you'll wanna hear it). So I tried to take all day off so we could hit COSI on the way (do a google on it... big science center in Columbus). That, and my wife wanted to have dinner with her folks without her sister and family.
Well, I had today off on contigency that I had my stuff done. Something came up late last night, so I figured I'd put in a half day today. Of course, I come in, and the problem multiples into 15. And, its almost unbearable to debug (literally the most complex page, and I'm in the debugger, line-by-line). It gets to the point where I call my wife telling her I may be later than 5 today. That's when lunch hit. 10 of the bugs ended up being the same problem I just luckily figured out (like... I'm going to go buy a lottery ticket lucky). The other I found through some well thought out ... thinking?

Anyway, I got it all fixed and tested now... building and deploying it to integration where the tester will take over come monday.

Woot... build done... no time to proofread. Have a good weekend.

BTW - fantasy football people... need to do the draft sometime next week. The season starts Sept 7 (or is it 9?)!!
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The day is yours!

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