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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Who wants in? 20

I've got some free time and football season is approaching too fast for me to ask for what people want.

Ok, I want 12 teams max (even amount teams if its less than that). Yahoo Plus league means I need $125/number of players (if all twelve, just under $11).

We will be using yahoo's java chatroom draft selector thingy to draft the players. That means we need to pick a day within the next two weeks to sit down for like 2 hours to draft our players.

This will be a keeper league, so if you want in, your in for several years (no quitting unless you find a replacement to run your team).

If there are more than 12 that want in, I'll give the players from last year the edge to be in the league first. Extra players can make their own league (and I'll even commissioner on that one if you want).

Ok... who wants aboard? You are agreeing to all the above.
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Fantasy Football: Who wants in?

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