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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Lets talk 12

Here's the dealio:

I've gotten almost a dozen emails asking me what's up. The little free time I get (away from the wife, kid, and job) is spent mostly on Now, I still am planning on watching football and such... and I even have time to play in a fantasy football league. However, I dunno how much time I can spend running it.

The options: Someone else grabs the chains and leads the league. I have no troubles with this at all if someone has the desire to do so (and if you are a newbie commissioner, I can even setup the points and stuff and help you along). I'd still like to do the keeper league thing starting now (sorry about my idiocy with not writing down the final teams and scores). Of course, I'll still play, just as a player, though.

Option 2 is I'll run it, but I'm not going to go all out and research different places to do it and stuff. We just do the yahoo thing like last year. Points seemed to have worked out well, so I'll probably keep those the same. I liked the size of the league. I think 12 is probably the max I'd like to have. First dibs comes to those that were in the league last year. Oh, and we'll do defense/special teams as a team, not individual defense players like last year. And one more thing... it'll cost whatever the full cost of the 'plus' league is divided by the number of players (was under $10 last year, IIRC).

So, does someone wanna take over the reigns (and I'll just be a player) or do you want to just basically do the same thing as last year without the mistakes (that means no quitting in the middle... you play, you play all year, I don't care if you don't have a win... this is a keeper league, you'll score next year with good draft picks).

And I need an answer by tomorrow, cause if we're gonna do this thang, we need to either set aside time to draft online in chat, or we need to do a fast (as in ludicious speed[1]) email draft.

[1] They've gone to plaid! -If you don't know the quote, you are getting an official flogging(tm).
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Fantasy Football: Lets talk

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  • Unless its too much of a hassle, then I would be willing to give it my best as commish but I have no exp.
  • I ran a couple of leagues last year, but those leagues died, so this year I am free for it. I've always used Yahoo's Fantasy Football leagues though, I'm sure there's better, I just never used them.
  • ...can we PLEASE use their draft system and not some ad-hoc email/IM/chat/whatever?? I'm not sure I can tolerate it again.
  • If we still limit it to the original players from last season, I'm willing to give up my spot to someone who would like to play. I'm taking 3 classes this semester, so I'm going to be swamped.

    Plus, I really don't want to have to defend my title. ;-D

  • Teams:
    • half-orc
    • human
    • elven
    • half-elven

    Humans go down in the first match against the half-orcs. Humans may have the clever plays, but a charging half-orc with a football is something you don't get in the way of.

    The two elvish races square off, and half-elves are winning. A re-match is ordered when the half-elven team is discovered unconcious in the locker room during the match. It is revealed that a gnome hired dopplegangers to play the half-elven roles. In the re-match, the elves win. Hundreds of y

  • I can't run it though. I'l be very busy with a project.
  • I'm interested in helping in any way I can.

    Last year I kept a JE with the players taken, and I was as helpful as I could be about recording those drafting before me via the email draft situation.

    I'm very interested in taking "junior admin" things from the commisioner to assist them with such a big task. I know I could never becom a commisioner if I didn't have such a "staff" or two or more such helpful people, so I wish to extend such an offer to those who may be commisioner.

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