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Journal FortKnox's Journal: My opinion of today's edition of /. 3

In the words of the venerable Homer Simpson:

Come on, something interesting besides law and encryption and boring stuff is going on...

At least ThinkGeek ads are entertaining (hate the taste of warm bawls.. hehe..)
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My opinion of today's edition of /.

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  • To some of us crytpo weenies the news about encryption is slightly important. Ok, so even to us it's kind of boring, who that cares about the subject hasn't gotten a password file and run a cracking program on it? But the google thing was news to me... if only the services were still available. The ask /. that is bested summed up as "if you could do anything then you would have seen it and not posted it here, so just CYOA" was worth a read - if only to get info about the mysterious company X and how their techno weenies screw things up (if for no other reason than to compare their weenies to our weenies).

    Of interest that didn't (or hasn't yet) made it to /. (my submission was rejected) sun has released solaris 9, and there is even a CNN story [] about it.

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