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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Couch on the Front Lawn of [UPDATED]

Technocrat and other alternatives have popped up for an alternative until I can get unread going, but a place that will be more like unread (with the rss aggregator and such) is baldass_newbies place. Give it a try. Read his latest JE for details.

Disabling comments, cause I'm typing out requirements and don't wanna worry about replying to comments here. Comment in BAN's journal.

Oh, and RIP Julia, you were the motivator behind teaching amateur cooks like me through television. You'll be missed, and not forgotten.

Update: Actually, the drupal system that BAN runs its actually quite nice (got the whole zoo/buddy system and sticky posts and news aggregator... it'll be a good stepping stone for unread).

Frankly, Scarlett, I don't have a fix. -- Rhett Buggler