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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Ugh 26

Where have I been?
Taken care of the wife. She had a headache Tues night and a migraine all day yesterday. So I worked from home yesterday (still took Joey to daycare), and was around to make her meals and such. I was really worried about her cause she can't take anything (cause of the pregnancy), and just had to deal with her head hurting. I also had no idea how this would affect the baby...

Anyway, I had to get Joey around 4ish, and was taking care of both of them the rest of the night. Didn't have time to completely finish the requirements for the new site.
In fact, when the wife was sleeping most of the late afternoon/evening, Joey was playing out in the backyard, and I had a pad and paper to write and organize all the requirements even when I wasn't on the computer.

Today after I rolled outta bed (the wife is MUCH better... even went to work today), I figured I'd bring the pad to work with me and type up all the requirements at lunch. Welp... I forgot the pad at home.

Wait, don't get all upset yet (open source volunteer project... sometimes life gets in the way, and it takes priority). Anyway, I laid out the plans. Got paid today, so I'm going to get the domain name when I get home from work, then type up all the requirements tonight. It'll be a really rough first draft of the requirements, so this is where I'm going to seperate the men from the boys.

Those of you that emailed or messaged me and wanted to help? Well, when these requirements come up, they need to be solidified. I have a lot of question marks on several requirements, so they need to all be figured out by (hopefully) saturday, so I can start typing out use cases.

So, how's your day going?
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