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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Yargh... updates, newsite, etc... 18

Yargh! I've finished through the busy-ness of last week, and have time to finally get back going on the new site. Thanks for waiting patiently (Are we there yet?) ;-)

Anywho, the return of Joey has come, and he's terribly spoiled. So the wife is spending the day breaking him down and getting him back on his reg schedule. Hopefully he'll go to sleep at 8 like he normally does tonight. I plan on giving Doom3 a quick demo, and checking out the first couple series of the Broncos/Redskins game (FOOTBALL! WHOOOO!!!). Then I'll type out all the requirements I've documented. For those that want to help out, requirements are just what they sound like... stuff that you want in the app. Not in a specific sense, but get your idea across. When the usecases come around, they'll get more into specifics. I need everyone to read them when they come up, and ask questions on it, and suggest new ones, and make sure its everything we want. Making the use cases based on them shouldn't be too tough. After that, we code.

So, things should start rolling this week, but don't expect to 'play' with a beta version for quite a while (probably a month at the very least). So we have to be patient and stay the course (I feel like a politician).

Oh, and for coders, I'm starting to reconsider the front end... I planned on Tapestry, but am still considering struts.
With tapestry, its much more OOP and reusable, but the URLs will be all whacked, so you won't be able to bookmark anything (well, bookmark in your browser), and there will be a learning curve, because I'm no expert at it.

Struts isn't as reusable (and its considered 'old' in the webapp world, already), but I AM an expert on it, and know its strengths and limitations.
Any opinions/suggestions??
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Yargh... updates, newsite, etc...

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  • don't know much about the various java front ends, but if Tapestry makes fugly URLs, could apache's mod_rewrite be used to make them happy and pretty again?
  • I'm part of a group called caffeinelabs [caffeinelabs.com] that is looking for work (and we'll do it on the cheap) for images, design and stuff. I can prolly work out a deal to do the layout / css crap for the price of a few linked images in the footer.
    • My current contemplations on css would be to use the tags that csszengarden.com uses, and so there are multiple 'faces' to the website, with the ability to change the look and feel and stuff. I dunno, though. Still a bit in the future. But keep in mind I'm doing this open source, so unless I make a killing on donations, I'm not gonna have cash to spend on anything except hosting.
  • Any opinions/suggestions??

    Write it in Perl, and let's start with some horrible green color scheme, later introducing god-awful purple and some indescribable brown.

    Then, make sure you roll out new code to live servers and fuck up the site so that paying users suffer.

    Then, be an arrogant so-and-so when people come to you for answers.

    What? Already been done?

    Well, then I'm out of ideas. ;)

  • It is the devil I know as well...
  • by btlzu2 ( 99039 ) *
    I've never used struts. Coded everything myself. Probably made it sloppier. You don't *have* to use the newest thing just because it's new--maybe Struts will be ok! I hope to help out with some tasks!!! :)

    Um, also...nothing about Doom 3 will be a "quick demo". Sheeeiizzznit, it is a hog. But it's scary as hell and somewhat fun to play. I have a 2.8Ghz with only 1/2 Gb of RAM and a GeForce 5600Ti and I have to way turn down the settings to not be choppy. That Geforce isn't too shabby either.

    Oh well
    • Well, maybe Tapestry will be better. I'm gonna see what that's all about. If it truly is more OO and reusable, that's a good thing, but I'm wondering why/how. Time for some investigatory fun.
  • My little product uses struts, and although it was incredibly frustrating to get started on, we are reaping the benefits now. It rocks. Besides, I can contribute if you use struts...

    You know, 'cause I have so much free time, and 'cause my hubby just loves it when I volunteer for geek projects in my spare time...


  • Might I be so bold to point out #33 and #34 [stevemcconnell.com] of McConnell's Classic Mistakes?

    If we go with some new tech, then there will be a learning curve, and we will make msitakes (ha!). Just because something is "old," this doesn't mean it is obsolete. It could mean that it is mature, right? :)

    When you get your list of requirements, let's take a minute and rank them. "Must Have" "Should have" "Nice to have" and that's the implementation order. For example, spell check would be gee-nifty, but it is a NTH, so it is go

  • Do you have a general specification of what it's going to implement and what it's not? I was playing with the idea of using a Wiki as a journaling system, and I kinda liked the results.
  • Go with what you know, says I.
  • Check out this discussion [slashdot.org] that I had the other day.

    Notice how the first guy that replies to me is totally off-topic when he starts moaning that I should either like it or lump it or go make my own site. And notice how he doesn't receive a single moderation for wandering off-topic.

    Then look at my reply to his comment, where I point out to him that collaborative work on a viable alternative to Slashdot is already gaining momentum. That post is moderated, all the way down from +2 to -1.

    In fact, it's the onl
  • Some sort of aggregator (like /my/amigos). Probably a continuation of the friends/foes system, but one thing I would like is a way to mark people as worth reading but not friends... some people I completely disagree with but I read them anyway :) More than just two levels, maybe...

    Threaded comments are probably an obvious one but something most blogs don't support-- one of the biggest advantages /. has over blogs.

    RSS support would be good, but the problem with RSS is that being in an RSS app puts you

    • I've already covered most features, and my requirements list will be out probably late today.

      And, as far as Java goes, it isn't an applet, it'll be JSPs. As long as you have a browser at work, you'll be able to hit the site without trouble.
      • I figured you had most of them covered, but I thought I'd throw them in there anyway :)

        Excellent news about the JSPs... Java is one technology I know nothing about, so forgive my ignorance.

  • I was just going through my "comment preferences" here, and I thought I'd make a suggestion for your new site.

    You should be able to nullify the effects of certain moderations. For example, if I don't want -1 Offtopic to affect the rating on comments, I should be able to do that. Or if I don't want +1 Funny to affect ratings, I should be able to do that.

    Right now, I'd have to set "Offtopic" to a universal bonus of something. Not all offtopic comments are good - I only want to see positively moderate

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