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Journal FortKnox's Journal: 503 Fix (UPDATED) 17

Annoying as hell, but if you delete your cookies for slashdot and relogin, you usually can avoid 503's as long as your session stays live (some bored people figured it out and posted it to slashdot's bug tracker). But if the system has to log you in based on your cookie, it'll die. Hope that helps your browsing experience, and makes you laugh at someone who has had a major website up for countless years still doesn't know how to handle cookies.

Update: Got the word from pudge himself. Cookies aren't the problem (actually, I believe the words were, Cookies aren't the problem... ignore fortknox and listen to sllort (I can't believe I just said that :-). Sllort had just mentioned after me that cookies weren't the problem). Guess my credibility has gone downhill since I've been put in "The List" in Trollback... ;-)
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503 Fix (UPDATED)

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  • I got a 503 on the logout... then a few 503 on login.

    It logged me in, even though the login page hasn't actually loaded. I'll stick with https, which gives me the lowest 503/page ratio.

    *Clears throat*

    S also keeps me from browsing at the speed of bleeding out through a hangnail.
    • when was doing HTTPS (seems /. is fixed, for now), I would get the front page to load fine (if not somewhat slow) but as soon as I clicked any link, it was not https and I got a 503.

  • that some folks who've supposedly been coding for a number of years still employ all 36 worse practices [] and refuse to admit it to themselves or grow beyond their current (in)competence level.
    • Personal favorites in this situation:

      #7: Friction between developers and customers. Friction between developers and customers can arise in several ways. Customers may feel that developers are not cooperative when they refuse to sign up for the development schedule that the customers want, or when they fail to deliver on their promises. Developers may feel that customers unreasonably insisting on unrealistic schedules or requirements changes after requirements have been baselined. There might simply be per

      • Don't apologize. Happy someone pointed out the ones that really stand out and describe slashdot to a t.

        If development for the new site falls under any of the rules, someone email me and smack me around.
        • If we're going to run it like a real project, then we'll need risk regular management reviews. I usually include those worse practices automatically along with risks identified from the WBS.

          If risks are reviewed once every other week (I'm assuming the dev pace on the new system will be a bit slower than a paid-for project, because we all gotta eat), that should be sufficient to prevent risk realization.

          • I plan on publishing each step publically, and letting everyone eye it. That way we can catch things early that we may miss (especially with use cases and requirements).
  • I'm sure none of the folks that run Slashdot care a lick about people that complain and keep coming back. It's like when you hate the service at a store and say "I'm never shopping here again!" and yet you still do. The "unsatisfied customer" rule only works when the customer's dissatisfaction results in lower revenue. (I know, I know, brand recognition, blah blah...)

    But I'll bet the lost ad revenue is killing them. Can't see the page, can't see the ads. That hits them where it hurts.

  • Are we there yet?
  • I had to fire up RadHat 7.2 today to debug some stuff for a delivered product that is unfortunately staying at RH7.2 for a LOOONG time.
    Anyhow the real fix is to view slashdot in Communicator 4.78...I have not had a single 503 error since loading it up in Netscape 4.78.
  • would prefer a 503 to reading this post.


    has it been 20 seconds yet?
  • I've been pinging /. and using its IP address to navigate to slashdot when the domain name doesn't work (see journal). Strangely, cookies don't reconize the site in that case. I wonder if that's why my workaround worked.

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