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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Village and Joeyless 18

FYI - two more days of heavy development work until we go to testing phase... that's when I'll be back on "The New Site" development again. After today, I'm tempted to start late tonight ($20 says we won't get any news or anything about why the whole morning/afternoon was 503's... except maybe a blurb in it on CmdrTaco's next JE when he posts it... in a week or two). Anywho, thanks for sitting tight.

Went to see "The Village" last night. Was very different than other M.Night's movies. Not as 'spooky' and 'scary', but extremely well written and directed, and very twisty as usual. Of course, I'll be happy to explain complete with spoilers below in the AC threads. Please talk in AC for spoilers so people can avoid them.

My folks were in town this weekend, and my wife and mother ended up talking me into letting them (my parents) steal Joey for the week. I'll visit them this weekend to pick him up. My wife wanted this for a while, and my mother was itchin for more time with Joey. I guess that means I'll have extra time to work on work adn the new site this week, but its definately different than normal life, that's for sure. I plan on seeing a couple movies this week, since its tough to do that when he's around.

Oh, and I'm starting to really stress about work now. My IBS is popping up... but its something I can deal with, especially knowing that it'll go away with the stress.

Anywho, how's the 503's[1] for you?

[1]I'm gonna be soooooo pissed that when I hit 'preview' or 'submit' that this site tanks and I lose all this typing.
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The Village and Joeyless

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  • And you're thinking about work? Go spend some quality time with your wife.
  • Just make sure that "stress" doesn't manifest itself as eating junk food. I'm telling you, as good as I've been the past month or so, I'm feeling very positively about this diet.

    But yeah, regardless, make sure you eat foods that are good for you. :)

    • Of course, I read this after I ate my first hostess cupcake yesterday (but I thought "He's right", so the second one is still in the package sitting at my desk... will give it to a coworker of mine when he stops by).

      I paid the price last night. The pain was bad, but I was able to get to sleep last night. Slept off the pain and feel great today, actually. Nothing like a good colon cleansing to make the next day brighter ;-)
      • Yeah, well, reading rdewald's stuff lately and being on my diet and that was the first thing that came to mind. Busy=stress=in a rush=eating whatever's close and easy=not usually all that good for you=not good for your gut. :)

        Take care, Josh. We need a new site. ;)

  • I've started copying my text box before hitting submit, so that if all is lost, I'm only a Ctrl+V or Cmd+V away from getting it back.
    • I've started copying my text box before hitting submit, so that if all is lost, I'm only a Ctrl+V or Cmd+V away from getting it back.

      Yup. I do exactly the same thing. Got burned a couple times too many when writing lengthy posts...



    • of course, you could use Mozilla where it saves it for you. :) Daddy likey da Moz.

      Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V. The big three montra in IE.
      • Workey no likey da Moz. :^(
        • Tell workey to shove it! :-)

          Yeah, we're not supposed to install anything other than IE or Netscape 4.72. I have NS 7.1 and firefox on my machine. It's great having the admin passwords to EVERYTHING! ;-)

      • Heh... I was about to post the "copy your post" suggestion, and then I stopped...
        "This journal is six hours old... Am I about to earn a -5, Redundant?"

        I didn't realize that Mozilla does that (or rather that IE won't); I save long posts on a "just in case" basis. I love da Moz each and every time I'm forced for this or that (usually someone else's box) to use IE.

        Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V
        I get really bitter when an app doesn't respect <(CTRL|SHIFT)-Insert>. ;)

        Damn cmd.exe...

  • I got a 503 on https this morning for the first time. If it's so severely impacting everyone, you think they'd suck it up and rollback to previous code. Sure, they updated the databases to support the new Topics/Sections. I'm sure it's nothing an executive decision and thirty minutes can't correct.
    • You're assuming that A, They give a shit. B, They did proper backups to allow a rollback. C, They'd be able to execute a rollback.

      I'm not convinced any of the above are true.

  • 503's have been pissing me off so bad, if you weren't doing something I'd be doing something. At least for myself I'd run some sort of hacked up thing anyway, not nearly as elegant. ;)

    I would be more pissed at /. except the power to one of our Colo's blew out today, despite all the supposed "redundancies" built into it. They had apparently plugged one of the power strips into one of the other power strips before plugging it into the UPS, and the UPS got overloaded. BGP don't work so well when both routers
  • Boy was it sluggish this morning, even with Light Mode. :( It makes NationStates look speedy! :D

  • There's no WAY I could go a week without Kiddo. Heck, I've really missed not putting her to bed myself the past few weeks. I can't imagine not seeing her absolutely every day. And it doesn't help that I can't trust my mom.

    Is the wife feeling ill at all? I've got a variety of morning sickness remedies she might try.


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