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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Rail on MS Time!! 6

I gotta say that this ticks me off.
MS can't even try to do something right without slashdot bitching about it.

To paraphrase a post I made (which will get modslapped momentarily):
  • MS gets railed on for making a faulty product
  • MS gets railed on for not doing anything about said product
  • MS gets railed on for attempting to fix said product
  • MS gets railed on for providing a quick patch (read: curing the symptoms), while the full patch (read: curing the illness) is being worked on
  • MS gets railed on for products that either no one (in the audience) has tried, or no one has tried for years.

Now, I thought at first that people had some good points on hammering on Microsoft, but this story tells me that they're out for MS no matter how they can get it. And the community? Well, about 90%-95% of them follow suit without even thinking!

My true belief... *IF* Microsoft FREELY RELEASED (BSD license) all its products (including source), and the open source community fixed everything, the slashdot community would stay with Linux and continue to rail on the products.

One of two words (I think you know what it is):

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Rail on MS Time!!

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  • While I would agree in general about blind Microsoft-bashing, I think in principle that Microsoft, due to its 800-lb gorilla blundering and monopolistic strategies and tactics, must be held to a different standard. And like any bully who is *still* bullying despite being called on it, they deserve comeuppance wherever it can be found.

    If Microsoft stops being a predator, then I think your point will be more valid.
    • When you speak about something in an unfair manner, you taint everything you say about that thing. Whether you feel MS is bad or not, you can maintain some sort of poise in talking about it.

      For example, why not just talk about the security vulnerabilities on the front page story - and save the editorializing for the comments?

      Not that I think Slashdot has any illusion of balance to be destroyed, nor do I think MS is deserving nor in need of my defense...

      But it would be a better site, I think, if the front page was a little more objective.
      • Well, it's up to interpretation, of course, whether a given thing is unfair or not. And I think it would be a very different, not necessarily better, site with the sort of objectivity about which you're talking. Not to mention spell checking. :)
        • I like being able to rate comments on K5. Mostly it's meaningless (especially on a thread) - but it's nice in a situation like this.

          On K5, I would have read your comment and given it a 5. It's a nice way of saying "Hey, I read your comment. I agree with what you have to say - see you later." But it avoids adding a stupid, uninteresting comment (like this one) to a thread.

  • Saw the headline on alterslash. I didn't even bother to check the article or comments. Usenet still has better trolls and flames than what I'm sure showed up on that story.

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