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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Having Kids Alters Your Perception... 2

Says so in the K5 article I wrote that just got absolutely hammered.

I was thinking about kids and what should be important as a parent... guess that's where my mind is. Messed up my reality about what K5 and /. audiences like to read, and kids are definately not one of them...

Maybe I should post something about religion? ;-)
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Having Kids Alters Your Perception...

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  • by daeley ( 126313 )
    In my experience K5ers seem even more ruthless than /.ers when it comes to posts they don't like. Which seems like most of them. Way more haughty. Don't take it personally. :)
  • Have you put this on your site yet? I just tried the K5 link, and the article didn't exist.

    FWIW, have you knocked 15 mph off your average highway velocity yet? That was the shocker to me:)

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