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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Football: See ya Wannstedt 8

I thought he'd get fired after this season, but now I know it for sure.

His star and only good offensive player retired from the NFL so he can smoke mary jane without penalty. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA. Its a running team.... without a running back. Best option is Stacey Mack (Eddie George is already off the table)?!?! BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Wannstedt, you never could coach a team, and now you are royally screwed. I believe they may even do worse than the Browns this year!
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Football: See ya Wannstedt

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  • Really, he just doesn't enjoy playing football, does he? I remember reading an ESPN Magazine article about someone on the Jazz who played basketball because he's good at it, not because he enjoys it. Williams has always struck me the same way.
    • John Amichi was the player from the Jazz. He has a phd and was(is?) playing professional basketball. He never got along well with Jerry Sloan so he rode the bench a lot on Salt Lake, which was frustrating since Ostertagg doesn't seem to care much for the game either and he was getting lots of time.
  • my boss opened our weekly meeting this morning by asking if anyone had ricky on their fantasy teams.
  • I told my wife about it and we both thought "Good for him if he doesn't wanna do it." I mean, Joe Six-Pack (or Joe Nickel Bag, I guess) can fire up a doob and not have to worry about it for the most part, but Ricky, if he love the smoke that much, he's gotta be more careful.

    My wife did make the point that if he was going to retire, at least give it one more season to make a shitpot of dough and save it up. Unless he's been extraordinarily financially responsible (he did get a pretty big bonus and initial

    • If he doesn't wanna do it, he shouldn't have signed a contract. I have no issue with athletes retiring, but doing it in mid-contract with absolutely no warning to the team is irresponsible, and I can only hope he doesn't pass an attitude like that on to his kid.
      • Hm. Interesting take. Yes, they have signed an agreement for a certain period of time. However, the NFL seems to be a place where, you know, if you're injured, the team can cut you with little penalty, IIRC. But I have to agree, I don't like retiring in the middle of an obligation. However, it also doesn't make sense to play if you're heart's not still in it. I mean, that's a better way to get hurt.
  • Peter King Stylee []. MMQB always has the good breakdown.
  • He also plays baseball. I think he might consider going back and trying that out. He was a professionla baseball player while he was going to UT.

    BTW - Are we going to get the FFL going this season?

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