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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Now I am P*SSED! [Updated] 28

I've figured out how banning works!

First, check my last few days posts (Keep in mind, I was banned over the weekend, so just from monday on).

That's right... one score:2 post was modded to -1. ONE SCORE:2 POST WAS MODDED TO -1!!!

And I'm banned again.

Here are the theories:
1.) One person with 5 mod points has the ability to ban someone. It looks like 3 downmods, and you're gone for 72 hours.
2.) You need 3 downmods to one post, or one post to get to -1 and you are gone. What if you just post something redundant? TOUGH SHIT! We'll see you back in three days(?), SUCKER! FYI - this will be GREAT for newbies coming to the site!!!
3.) An editor *cough*michael*cough* decided they didn't like me and just banned me.

You can go off with those theories and do experimentation if you like (hell, run with #3 and make your OWN conspiracy theory!). Me? I'm gonna work on a substitute for slashdot. Don't question the editors, don't question the moderation system... we believe in democracy, just not on OUR site. Screw this, I'm out once I figure out how to read and comment to people's journals and get responses without this pile of shit known as slashcode.

Of course, I can't reply to shit, so if you want me: marotti _at_

Update: Einstein upmodded me 3 times, now the ban was lifted? That doesn't sound right, but mad props to einstein for the help.
Of course, this isn't preventing me from taking action on a substitute...
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Now I am P*SSED! [Updated]

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  • well I'd consider making a secondary /. account. Fort Knox is Banned or something. Unless its by IP... hmmm... I guess you could set up a proxy or something.

    This is getting ridiculous. I wonder if this is what all the 503's are about? Rolling out ineffectual banning 'improvements'?
    • They permaban by IP, they tempban by entire damned subnets. It's less likely that FK did something "wrong" - more likely some idiot on his ISP is trolling and our good friends, the obviously tech savvy and sophisticated Lords of Slashdot, autobanned him thanks to their tightening grip on "bad posting" within Slash.

      I've been banned for weeks at home with no idea why. I just keep a known good proxy in Firefox and switch my settings quick to post, then flip them back to a direct connection to the 'net once th

  • Alot of downmods gets you banned. e.g. if you post one of those posts that gets modded down 20 times and up 25 times (ending up with a +5 score) you get banned.

    I assume that it's done on a rolling basis (e.g. your posts in the past X days) so you could post again when a few downmodded posts passed the time limit but the new downmods tipped the scales again. It doesn't mean that the three downmods by themselves do it.
  • That one sure looks like editor moderation, doesn't it? Although it looks like you went from 1 to -1, not from 2.

    I try not to get exercised about this stuff, but _the_ one reform I'd like to see is to have editor mods flagged as such.

  • If you are being mod bombed.

    That is some seriously messed up shit...

    Time to google around for some open proxies...*sigh*
    • I believe that Microsoft has put a shortcut to on everyone's desktop: it's called "Recycle Bin".

      Let's face it, that's where your email will end up. I remember reading in someone's journal about an experience that person had emailing Taco about a very obsure yet unexplained acronym in a story submission. After penning a polite email explaining the he and many others didn't know what the acronym stood for, and that an expansion of it somewhere in the story summary would be nice, he got a f
      • If you could get _all_ of the "important" bits of /. and move them off somewhere else, but leave the cruft, then perhaps, you'd get a trickle. Hopefully, the trickle would then turn into a flood.

        So, you'd need some way of getting /. messages (x posted a new journal/y replied to your post/etc.) from people who haven't migratated yet.

        You'd need journals, with similar imput/reading schemes.

        You'd need some way to make sure you get the same account in the new system as what you have here.

        • The account matching I've got figured out.

          Your new site account lets to say who you are on slashdot. It then generates an x character string (longer the better, though keep in mind slashdot's length limitation) that you must paste into a message and post. You drop the direct link to the message into a text box on the new site, and it verifies the message, allowing you to claim you are who you say you are. The only way to cheat the system is to have access to another person's account or to set up a coordina
      • huh that's weird, I've had a lot of correspondance with Rob over the last couple years. Always polite.
        • Even when i pointed out the bleeding obvious, i got a courteous reply.

          Here are the requirements i would *like* to have of any other site:

          It must have our journals
          It must have a system of friends and foes and the ability to designate them and for others to see them.
          Best friending would be nice, to allow us to follow their comments.

          It would need to have commenting on journals.

          It would need to have an info page for who each of us is, and it would be nice but not critical to be able to make a commendation t
          • It must have our journals...It would need to have commenting on journals.

            These are obvious ones. But I don't want to stop there... I want things to be better. Maybe making JE's "Sticky" so its easy to go back and see other comments later (Oh, and new comments have a 'new' tag so you know right away which ones you haven't read, yet).

            It must have a system of friends and foes and the ability to designate them and for others to see them. Best friending would be nice, to allow us to follow their comments.
            • i wanna be able to tell people how you're not a giant beetle and i don't have evidence of you in the 1998 Mardi Gras parade wearing nothing but an Easter Bunny costume. Or rather, the bottom half of an Easter Bunny costume and a betty boop mask.

              And how you're not the abominable snowman, and didn't call John Kerry pretending to be when you should have been at work last week.

              You know, basic words of praise. I like your idea of sticky journals. I think it needs a catchy name.

              Was this your news?
              • Nope... I'll get to the news thing tonight... It keeps getting forgotten (not the news, but the unique way of announcing it).

                And the praise thing? Piece of cake... will be no problem doing that.

                In fact, I don't like the way orkut does it. The person you are doing it to (the 'victim') gets to choose if its appropriate. The 'victims' friends should determine if its displayed, IMHO, not the victim him/herself.
  • So on your slashdot-replacement, instead of having mod points, they should be called "props", and you give out props to good posts.

    something else you can do:

    if you are a subscriber, you could bring a legal action against them where this IP ban renders their site useless to your needs and breaches the contract on their side.

    Sure, it'd be costly. But it'll be costly for them, too. This isn't about whats cost effective. Its about REVENGE.
    • There's no basis for a lawsuit. The subscription is consumed in page (sans-ad) views. If you can view and not post, you still have your page views that consume your subscription. If you can't even view, then you aren't losing any money either. The Subscriptions don't guarantee posting access. Only a configurable number of pages without ads.

      What you should be able to do, however, is request the return of the "unspent" money left on your subscription. That should turn a few heads.
  • but I just sent 3 +1 mod points your way.
  • I think you got editor-bombed. Let's see what happens when I reply to that post. Maybe my new sig will get somebody's attention.

  • if they really (Score:1, Flamebait)

    by dubiousdave ( 618128 )
    wanted to cut down on the bullshit, they'd stop allowing AC posts. That would cut out more crap than these shotgun banning schemes of theirs. I just avoid playing on the front page. Of course, lately, the asshats have been downmodding us in our own fucking journals, so that's not entirely effective.
  • You know I'll give it a shot. I tried some when was 'the plan'.

    Just keep us appraised.
  • This latest code-wrangling fiasco really pisses me off. The front page customisation is broken, and it now looks like I'm getting much fewer metamods (and hence mod points) coming my way. At this rate, I'll probably stick to using my RSS reader at home to keep tabs on the journals (the main reason I still come here), and scan the headlines for anything interesting. I certainly don't see any reason to bother extending my subscription when it runs out.

    At least the other site I frequent, DeviantArt, has the d
  • I'll go when you make the site.

    I'll drop this site like a bomb over hiroshima.

    Fast and furious.

    Problem is, I can't code. I don't code.

    But I can critic, and be a "editor" or something. Poll Master is cool, but that's easy, I all ready do that. I'm talking POWER. ;)

    what's the details? I know you got something going. And Mad Poster is getting everyone's old crap together too right?

    My pledge is as soon as we get a site active, I'll not post here anymore.


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