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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football: Lets talk 9

OK, looks like this is who's still in:
Keith Russell
red warrior

And people wanting in:
Lord Bodak
WIAKywbfatw (what does that stand for, anyway?)

That would make a 14 team league. Large, but doable.

Now, a call for a few votes:

A.)Want to make it 1 giant league (WRs and RBs will become really scarse), or 2 smaller leagues (one eight-team league, one six-team league to make the leagues even and avoid bye weeks)? Should we not include the new people wanting to get in?

B.)I see most want defense/special teams to replace individual defensive players. I'm cool with that. Anyone object?

C.)Do we do the 'plus' thing again (would be about $5 a person, IIRC)? Would give the league a buncha tools and the winner gets a trophy (though Hampster never recieved his... but we'll look into that).

D.)Do we do the "Yahoo" league again? Or something else like espn, or sportsline, or fanball? (Anything besides 'free' yahoo costs about the same... about $5/person IIRC).

E.)Do we keep any players? Looks like no one has the final rosters (sorry again, guys), but I'm sure we all know at least 1 player we had that we'd like to keep (I know I do), but it would be somewhat of an honesty thing. Do we keep players? If so, how many?

F.)Anything else to address?
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Fantasy Football: Lets talk

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  • a. I don't know. I don't want to say "don't include people" -- but I hate the idea of splitting the league, and a giant league really blows (especially if we do team D)

    b. I prefer team D, but not if we have a 14 team league.

    c. sure

    d. whatever, no opinion

    e. sure -- could someone please tell me who I had? I can't remember between my two leagues.
    • Re:me thoughts... (Score:3, Insightful)

      by FortKnox ( 169099 )
      I'm kinda with you. When you stretch a league too large, then you have to play, like ricky williams, and you have tatum bell and kevin faulk. So the higher drafts tend to get the best players out front. Then again, everyone has 1 elite player, 1 good player, and a team full of mediocres. I prefer smaller (but not so small so that everyone has a full team of elite players). I think 8-10 is a good size, and that's my opinion.

      I like individual D, but don't object to team D. I can go either way.

      The wh
  • Someone take my spot that didn't exist :)
  • is, if we allow new players, they will get screwed if we keep more than one player. Shit, I'd keep Mr Vick, Tony Gonzalez, Chad "Hotness" Johnson, and Stephen Davis.

    With a league the size of the AFC, that top four would massacre folks in both real life and in FFL.

    So I think one player might be the max (answer to E). Of course since we can't remember who was on our teams, this fixes that plus lets us have one large league (A).

    I'm still up for paying for a Pro option. Yahoo! was fine. Anything of that
    • A. 1 big league
    • B. defensive teams
    • C. Plus League
    • D. No opinion
    • E. Nope, I don't think we can fairly determine who had what, plus its unfair to the newcomers.
  • I'd be willing to give it a go - I plan on doing Fantasy Hockey next season, and love to warm back into fantasy leagues with you guys. Sounds like a fun deal. But if you're loaded with people, don't worry about it.

  • A) Yes, one league please.
    B) Do it. Team Defense works for me.
    C) No. The fun's in the game and the bragging rights, not some cheesy trophy.
    D) Yes, stick with Yahoo. Their system is easy to use and uncomplicated, yet still flexible.
    E) No, no keeping players. If new players were taking over old rosters, or if the league was contracting, then having keepers would be reasonable and fair. But having keepers for some but not for others is unfair.
    F) If you're going to have a prize, have cash prizes. Something like
  • A: I'd rather break it up. With this many teams in one league, nobody will have a deep bench, and one injury could blow up an entire season for some poor sap. (Disclaimer: I drafted Chad Pennington last year.)

    B: Teams. I think team defenses have a bigger impact on a fantasy team's score than individual defensive players do.

    C: Plus.

    D: Let's at least explore other options. In general, Yahoo was good, but it really chafed me to see that their real-time stats tracker required IE and the Microsoft VM.


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