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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Fantasy Football:The Return; Wanna Join/Leave?; I'm an idiot 24

Now THAT is a JE title!

Its time again to think about fantasy football. We'll need to look into keepers, drop people not wanting to play anymore, and add people wanting to play. So if you weren't in it last year and want in, say so here. If you were in last year and don't want in, say so here.

Now comes the 'idiot' part. I saw in like February that Yahoo kept around the scores and everything. So I figgered I'd wait until late and jot down everyone's teams and the final ranks.
Well, it got removed already, so I don't have them. I know I know... I'm a terrible commissioner and should be shot. That being said.. did anyone record the final stats? Did you get your trophy, Hampster? Did it come with a sheet with all the info in the league?

Anywho, if we can track down the info (or if we can remember who we wanted to keep), we'll have to decide how many players to keep, and reverse the final rankings for the draft (and figure out what to do with the 'new entries'... maybe give them the first round, and also give them 'the number of keepers we choose' players from our rosters that we don't keep?). Anywho, first we need to know if we have the info from last year along with who wants in and who wants out. Then we should decide the amount of keepers and if any rules should change (like scoring, etc...).
So, anyone have the info from last year? Anyone want in/out? Opinions/Suggestions??
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Fantasy Football:The Return; Wanna Join/Leave?; I'm an idiot

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  • Hopefully this year will turn out better than the last for /dev/null
    • I'm just confused if I'm supposed to say I want to still be in or not. The indication was to say if you want out or you are out and want in.

      As for saving the info, I didn't save it either, but I may have print-outs from mid-season which should prove to be even less useful.
  • and if I can avoid any major fucking injuries in the preseason to my number one pick I'll be much happier...
    • Vick should have a good year... if you ever feel the need to trade him, just hollar ;-)
      • Maybe he won't want to keep Vick as one of his keeper picks ;-)

        I think the decision as to the numbers is a higher level thing: do we want more dynamics or less. Thus, if we want more dynamics in the leauge we should pick a number like 3 or 5 for the keepers. This will mean lots of shifting in the league, new dominate players. Some argue this makes things more fun with trade interest, others find it a hassel. Personally I find it anti-keeper league to give up that many since what's the point in keeper?
  • to remind you all that last year not a single Bear was taken til like the 7th round. Don't make that mistake again kids.

    If nothing else, the Bears D is gonna be TOUGH.
  • whatever happens happens.
    Although this year I would like to go with full teams on defence instead of defensive positions.

    Are we going to do fantasy plus again?

    • whatever happens happens.

      Yeah, and remember I'm not the sacraficial lamb for when your day doesn't go right.
      • Fuck you

        You quit, got rid of your players and then didn't quit, then wanted them back because your day wasn't going wrong.

        You know what? Just because he decided to bring this up, I'm not going to join up. This piece of trash might decide to change his mind 4 times this season.
        • All kidding aside here, if FK is looking for votes about the fantasy plus I think I'd like some more info on that again. I don't have a problem with it at all, and if there's someone who can't get the $5 or whatever it was again I'll sponsor someone, but I'd like a good break down of the features. I think this may have been done once before, but it might be good for those seeking to join to be informed as well.

          Are you specifically placing a vote one way or the other for the plus thing?
          • Yeah I'm casting a vote for the plus thing.

            Theres a lot of various tools that help a lot
            StatTracker(TM) - live gameday updates
            Draft Kit - not sure.
            Assistant Manager - if your not sure about who to start it helps.
            expert analysis - experts are drips under pressure.

            plus there's a prize for the winner. I don't know if thats worth it but we'd have to ask last years winner about it. (I think they got one)
  • I want in (if there is still room), what info do you need?
  • Because you can never have enough things to gloat about during the football season.
  • Would love to join.

    Same thing happened to me with Fantasy Hockey from last year-- I wanted to keep a record of my roster, but they just randomly cleared it out in June.

  • It just hit me that I never got the trophy. Wasn't it sent to you and you sent it off to me?

    That totally sucks. Anyway, count me in again for this year. Of course, I'm not going to be as lucky as I was last year, but you never know.

    • Nope... wasn't sent to me... is your yahoo account address correct? I'd email yahoo and see what happened.

      • No, remember they wouldn't sent it to me in AZ because it was against the law or something? I think you sent me your address so I could your address as the address to send it to and then you were going to send it to me. I don't remember what completely happened though.

        • Well I never got a trophy... I don't know what all happened. Total bummer. Maybe you can email them and get info... if they still have it, you may be able to get it sent.
  • would like to follow along and see how it all pans out... may learn a thing or two. anyone want to borrow my copy of " A Book of Five Rings " ?

    My take on football strategy ... the best offense is a good defense. I would like to see the football uniforms downsized to match the cheerleaders outfits, more skin and less padding - truth in advertising.

  • redwarrior22001@yahoo.com should still be good.
  • by Aggrazel ( 13616 )
    I would join, if you have a free slot.
  • going for a plus thing is fine with me too.

"The pathology is to want control, not that you ever get it, because of course you never do." -- Gregory Bateson