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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The Ban is Gone & Galaxis 18

Finally, I am able to post from work. From an inside source, I hear that most tempbans are 72 hours long... however, I'm more interested in the reason for the banning.

Anyhow, I'm back to my old posting self.

Galaxis: You know, the game that took over KoC (where KoC took over nationstates).
Anyhow, the old alliance number was 12... now its 18. We need people that are willing to learn the game and play it daily (not a lot... just log in every 8 or so hours and spend your cash and stuff). Interested parties, please respond. Danke.
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The Ban is Gone & Galaxis

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  • Did i miss the part where you enlightened us as to what the Big Frickin' Deal of a surprise is??

    Or do i gotta brick you?!?

    Don't think Joey can chew your way outta the aircraft carrier on this one. Whatcha got for news, EndangeredBoy???
  • by grub ( 11606 )
    i'm part of an aliance with mekkab.... maybe he and I can move over?
  • I finally quit KoC and now you try to tempt me with this!!!

    No thanks!

  • Sounds neato... but where is a link to this game? I found a curses based UNIX hosted mac clone link. Is that it?

    • [].
    • If you start playing, reply to this and I'll send you the link to join the alliance.

      It's a lot less time consuming than KoC. If you log in two, maybe three times a day to spend your cash and materials, you'll be fine. No obsessive paranoia like KoC because your income rate is constant no matter how strong you are.
  • I logged in, created an account (Talinom on the planet Talinius in the Farwel system), started playing, did some missions, got the hang of it (I think) and am now waiting for my f-ing production to catch up. Yes, I did upgrade my production facility to level 2. I have a defense of 367 (9 militia and 4 nodes at 40 power) and would like to upgrade it to level two real soon now.

    It reminds me vaguely of Tradwars 2002 that I used to run on an old BBS way back in the day. Any hints you would care to share? Opt
    • As a friendly pointer that's really not the hang of it. Early on go off and trade luxury items for cash, get material production up early, and start panicing about defense after the protection period wears off. Level 2 mining isn't enough.

      There's more, but I'm not giving away FSoF's secrets. :)

      • Mining: Level 5
        Defense: Level 2
        Bank: Level 4
        Intelligence Center: Level 1
        Manufacturing: Level 1

        I upgraded my ship so I could make some money hauling stuff. I will be making my own stuff soon.

        21 hours of protection left. How bad will it be when it wears off? Any other suggestions on upgrading or strategy?
        • I'll let this slip, which is possibly the most important part of the game. People are just looking for victims, so don't be a victim. Take it how you want to, but it doesn't necessarily mean to have an ultra-high defense.

          Building up a resource base is also key, even if you don't go surging through ranks right away the resource base will make or break you. The resources you need will change from mining, to trading, to attacking throughout the game, but you'll need to capitalize on your resources to push your

  • Fsck! It's been nearly three weeks for me so far! Each day I am getting more and more pissed off with Slashdot and the editors' behaviour. If it wasn't for the journals I'd have been gone long ago.

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