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Journal FortKnox's Journal: You can't make this sh*t up! [UPDATED] 11

Only in West Virginia (reminds me of the 'Appalachian Emergency Room' skit that SNL does).

FYI - KshGoddess... I'm browsing with Mozilla LIGHTNING PANDA today (my fav so far... its like an x-men character or something... cuddly... yet ELECTROCUTING!) ;-)

Update: You naysayers are just jealous (I hate not being able to comment, damnit). ;-)
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You can't make this sh*t up! [UPDATED]

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  • This was more than disproved by "Mythbusters" on the Discovery channel.

    • No, it in fact appears to be human sh*t. And what's with all the asterisks? I'm going over to the big kid table now.
    • If it is true, he'd have to have farted his body weight out just to fill it high enough to ignite the toilet.

      Funny though. Sounds to me like a myth.

    • This story dealt with a porta-potty. MythBusters concerned themselves with normal household toilets that didnt have human waste piling up in the bowl for several days.
      • yes, but they then enclosed the toilet in an airtight sealed plexiglss container (granted, it was prolly about 3X the volume of porta-john). But it took them FLOODING the thing with propane from aa torch kit to get it to go off.

        Don't forget, port-johns have vents to prohibit the gasses from building up to dangerous levels.

    • After thousands of butts have been smoked in porta-johns, this is the first time one explodes?

      I gotta side with you Ab. What would be good would be to email the story/link to the producers. Every so often, they do follow ups, wherein viewers point out flaws in the original experiments. This sounds 'ripe' for a redo.
  • by metlin ( 258108 ) *
    The methane did not "take too kindly" to the lit cigarette, said a spokeswoman for Monongalia Emergency Medical Services.

    ROTFL! Euphemism at it's very best :)

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