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Journal FortKnox's Journal: A whole slew of things 12

Of course, it blows not being able to comment. I even emailed TL to post my age of em's last poll (FYI, em, I love tartar sauce at Claddaughs. I'll dip the fish, then the fries, then my finger in it to finish it off. People like the fish, I say the fish is just the medium to get the tartar sauce)!

Anywho, I've been having a tough time. Inlaws are in... which, surprisingly, hasn't been all that bad... my MIL and FIL are great people and I enjoy them coming over, but my SIL,BIL, and my two nephews (who live in town, but are practically living with us since the ILs are here) have no respect for other peoples things or anything. Anyhow, I'm not gonna groan (anymore) about it. Its just part of being married.
What's really bugging me is coding on my machine. I got the newest version of eclipse (which rocks the cashbah, btw), and being the responsible coder, I decided to install CVS for some coding protection. Got it installed locally, can connect to it via wincvs, but I'll be damned if I can get eclipse to connect. Driving me frickin nuts. I even tried install cvs on my server (which is about dead... stupid keyboard port died out on my, and the firewall is configured via GUIs, so I can't even get 'inside' to connect to the cvs server). I have a new machine which I'll probably intall SuSE on tonight and replace the old server with this other (older, unfortunately) box. Then I'll hookup a website (finally) with css, tapestry, spring, and hibernate all working for me in tomcat and protected by apache (in other words, I'm gonna be frustrated ALL WEEKEND!).

Saw "Butterfly Effect" last night, and "Secret Window" this past weekend. My reviews are based on expectation.
People were 'blown away' by Secret Window, so I expected a good movie. Now, Mr.Depp can act, and did a hell of a job, I just didn't think the material was A+++. Sure, it was a good flick, but I wasn't 'blown away'.
"Butterfly Effect" had Ashton Kutcher in it, which immediately puts it in the 'decent or worse' category. I was, quite honestly, surprised. Ashton did an ok job (and the 'gf' chick wasn't all that great, IMHO), but the story was interesting and neat. I only wish they did more with it. I don't think they did enough of his personality changing... (not really a spoiler, just an unimportant scene in the story) the only time the personality really did something different was the frat scene where he scolds the intiates(/semi spoiler). If they had that at every 'history change,' then there would be a movie that'd hook you to a seat.

Anywho, about that surprise... well, it isn't fake, there is one... however, I'm still banned, so tough cookies.
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A whole slew of things

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