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Journal FortKnox's Journal: I've been banned... [UPDATED!] 26

Yes, a subnet ban. Due to excessive bad posting. I haven't posted anon in probably... oh... months. Its been 5 days since I've had a downmod (a single negative mod... from score:2 to score:1), and the post before that? Score: 5 (it was posted two minutes before teh down modded one).

I feel so ashamed. I would try to email the place they say to email, but after reading several other people's complaints about this subnet ban, I hear they pretty much tell you to 'stuff it.'

I guess you'll hear from me in JE's only from now to a couple days. Guess we'll have to wait a few days for the voice contest (unless someone wants to mod up some of my previous posts to try and lift the ban? Will that even work?).

Update: I went ahead and emailed the address (figured, what the hell... might as well try). Here's the error message if you are interested in it:
Due to excessive bad posting from this IP or Subnet, comment posting has temporarily been disabled. If it's you, consider this a chance to sit in the timeout corner . If it's someone else, this is a chance to hunt them down. If you think this is unfair, please email moderation@slashdot.org with your MD5'd IPID and SubnetID, which are "blah" and "meh" and (optionally, but preferably) your IP number "" and your username "FortKnox".

Update2: I wonder... was it because I commented in trollback? I don't think so, because trollback is one of my 'zoo' friends, and has been for a while. Wasn't downmodded or anything, either.
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I've been banned... [UPDATED!]

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  • but the moderation system *isn't* broken right?

  • I had to email CmdrTaco (malda@slashdot) before I got a response, and the first one was a flippant brush off. After I pointed out that I have been waiting 10 days for a reply (and sent three emails) he was a bit more polite, but the reply boiled down to: "Of course, post bans time out on their own, so there's nothing I can do to help."

    I think Organised Konfusion posted proxy details somewhere if you want to try that. I can at least post from home, or if I am at work I can remote into a machine on another s
  • The timeouts vary tremendously based on the details, and I don't answer with specific time frames for people who got banned. You're in the time-out corner. Be patient.

    So I guess it is a case of wait and see if/when you are ever allowed to post again.

  • Welcome to the "Slashdot Spits in the Faces of Good Users Club"

    You're in fine company with myself and [slashdot.org] the_mad_poster [slashdot.org] as cellmates.

    My recommendations

    If you're a subscriber: do not renew

    Once your subscription lapses, use an ad blocker so they don't get cash that way either.

    Find another way to post and include a link to your relevent journal entry in your sig.

    Don't quit bitching about it. Their attitude "it's our site" fails to carry weight if they take donations/subscriptions.

    Pass these tips

    • Once your subscription lapses, use an ad blocker so they don't get cash that way either.

      Adblock [mozdev.org] for Mozilla and Firebird works so well it's not funny. It blocks images, frames and flash ads (aka: Internet pollution).

      We really need a place similar to slashdot but more mature to go. At one time k5 was pretty good but it seems to have fallen into a bit of a mire. Hopefully the Technocrat [technocrat.net] will take off. I'm ready to put /. back into my hosts as lo.

  • A lot of people are getting banned. I just am probably very lucky that there aren't many slashdotters on my subnet that do "bad posting". I think that the following happens: some people on your subnet start trolling, then the subnet is banned, then the regular users (like you, arb and Organized Konfusion) suddenly can't post anymore.

    Kind of like punishing the whole class because there is one moron disruption you lesson.

    Look, if you want I can try: I'll just log in as Corporate Troll, make a nice mess

  • I'd like to take this opportunity to go ahead and state that FK is not actually banned, he's just ashamed.

    He's coming out of the closet. FK, being gay is OK, bud. There's no need to hide behind a "blanket ban" like you are.

    If you wish to refute my post, please login and reply :)

    Oh, that was offsides wasn't it?

    I don't know what tha dot is doing man. I'm not a coder, but it can't be too hard to code a ban based on mac address instead of IP. Hell, look at the packets, information that gets sent every s
    • by grub ( 11606 )

      To ban based on MAC they'd have to be on the same subnet (maybe proxy ARPing could do this, not sure) IE: "ping" "arp -a | grep" If you're on the same logical segment you'll get a MAC, if not you won't.
      • Even if they could get at the MAC info it's far easier to change MAC than IP. All you need is a little tool to do so. Many network cards provide this tool for you and few network cards refuse. To change IP requires a redial or DHCP renewal, something my cable provider is not willing to give me frequently.

        Subnet banning, though, is just annoying. There either has to be a better way to deal with idiots or admit the moderation system is somehow broken.

        • Here's my theory:

          You ban Anonymous posting from a subnet and the offending account(s) if any. That way most users don't suffer for someone else's problem.

          Yes, they can make a new account, but you can watch for down-mods in the "banned" subnet and be a little more vicious with the account banning in that subnet.

          Maybe politics shouldn't come into play, but I think there should be a little more leeway for subscribers, especially in the case of subnet banning when you aren't being [very] bad.
  • by Organized Konfusion ( 700770 ) on Monday July 12, 2004 @11:12AM (#9674890) Journal
    69.30.13 3.25:8008
    200.179.2 30.132:6588
    200.179 .225.50:6588 6588
    216 .244.144.248:6588
    200.165.143 .240:6588 88
    200.20 7.43.226:6588 20:8000
    209.251.3. 194:8081
  • I would try to email the place they say to email, but after reading several other people's complaints about this subnet ban, I hear they pretty much tell you to 'stuff it.'
    You should complain anyway. If people give up on bitching, then the /. people might not realize there's a widespread problem. If you complain, then at least there's a chance they might realize how much they're hurting themselves.

    OTOH... 5000+ comments? Sheesh, get a life!

  • I'm running the CGI Web proxy over at Pavleck.Com [pavleck.com] - top right link I believe. It'll let you surf as if your on my server - I use it a lot at work hehe
  • Since you were banned and posted about it, I got to see trollback. What a journal! Thanks for the link. I did try the experiement he posted about and sure enough I ended up with a lof of republican "not flame" postings. The only thing I can suggest is to meta-moderate often. The /. rules are to concentrate on modding up unless something is blatent (like goatse.cx or something). So I will scroll down and only pay attention to things people modded as troll, or flamebait yadda yadda, review those posts a
    • Meta-modding is a fucking joke. Disposable accounts mean when you lose the right to moderate, you just move on to the next throwaway account.

      The entire game is broken, and I wish I could just totally get rid of all mods except FoF. Unfortunately, the bonuses you could apply only applied to a single moderation. For example, if you pick a Troll modifier of +3, and a comment gets modded Troll 5 times, the score is -2, not +15. Or something like that.
  • i hope it's not a nail in the coffin. i've enjoyed this community.
  • testing from home.... here's hopin.
  • by ces ( 119879 )
    It really depends on how you got on the ban list. I have no idea what might trigger an auto-ban but there is a possiblity it wasn't anything you actually did.

    For example if it was your work IP that was banned very likely everyone at the same site shows up to slashdot as the same IP. So if someone else at work was being an idiot then you might very well have been caught in the same net. Another possiblity is that the subnet mask slashdot banned is larger than the actual allocation to your employer and someo
    • I do hope that it isn't a problem of auto-banning anyone who gets downmodded now, there are any number of reasons that might happen that don't have anything to do with being an abusive poster.

      According to 'samzenpus@slashdot' (moderation@slashdot guy) "You have been modded down too many times and are now in the "time out" corner for a bit." so it looks as if the auto-banning criteria has been tightened to buggery. They don't seem to look at the net result of the moderations, just the number of down-mods.

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