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Journal FortKnox's Journal: The "List"... kinda a Poll 41

In the last JE, there was a discussion of "The List." Normally had by married coupled, but sometimes fun to have for committed couples. "The List" is a list of (usually) celebrities you are "allowed" to have an affair with (mostly for fun for you serious folks). If its not a celebrity on the list, it someone you don't have a snowballs chance of getting.

On my list?
At the top.... Catherine Bell (YOWZAH!)[1]
Halle Berry
Lindsay Lohan (tomorrow)

Who's on yours?

[1] My wife's a HUGE fan on JAG... so everytime its on, I reminder her that Catherine Bell (SCHWING!)[2] is on my list (and the dude that's on the show is on her list).
[2] Yes, anytime I mention the name Catherine Bell (*drool*) I always make a chauvanistic comment.
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The "List"... kinda a Poll

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  • i cannot condone an affair, even with a celebrity.

    Anyone i ever settle down with gets to know that i am 100% their very own dragon, no wandering eyes at all.

    And if they then have an affair, even with a celebrity, it's over....

    Ya, i know, it's just a silly little question. But... i don't ever think about celebrities that way. Maybe there's something wrong with me? I don't look at celebs and think, hm, gotta get me some o'that. I think, gee, i wonder if she's any good at mille bournes, and i wonder whether
    • wandering eyes don't mean that the person wants an affair. if they wander to the exclusion of seeing you, that's a problem. having an affair is a problem. but someone who notices other attractive women is probably just a man. could even be a really good man that will be true to you until death.
    • If Catherine Bell showed up in front of me and said "Ravish me Josh!" I'd turn her down.

      Honestly, I'm a devoted husband and would never cheat on my wife. Its just a fun way to say "She's good looking"... and as subgeek said its just a 'guy trait' to check out women.
      • I don't believe it's a 'guy trait.' There are men who don't, and there are women who do... ya, i know, i'm reading wayyyyy too much into this... right. back to my tower, no more socialising. *grin* sometimes i forget that the rest of you have this 'humour' gene that lets you not take everything so damned seriously...

        ( she says, biting back an 'army of one' comment)
        • Back when I took my friend Jay to his bacheoler party (we went to the Foxey Lady, my first and only time going to a strip club), we took his (married) brother along. His wife was fairly clear on stating that it was ok. I beleive the quote was "I don't mind if he looks as long as he brings it back to me."

          Even Dr. Ruth says not to worry if your guy is looking at other women. "If he's not looking at other women, chances are he's not looking at you, either."

        • it may not be a blanket statement that covers everything. but it is certainly a guy trait, as in, "it is likely that if a person is a guy, he'll have this trait." the thing is that a wandering eye has nothing to do with not being faithful. sometimes there is a correlation, but one doesn't result from the other. being faithful isn't about being owned by your partner, but i think being truly faithful means not wanting to be unfaithful. i like to notice other women, but i only want my wife.
        • "Our eye tends towards that which is most pleasing" -- Saint Augustine
    • I agree with Sol. I don't want anyone but Boo. I could have someone now, and I don't care. I know it isn't serious, but I don't even like to kid about that with her, since her dad "stole" her mom from her mom's first husband by having an affair with her. (And he has the nerve to tell me _I'm_ wrong for wanting to date Boo. hello, at least she isn't married.)
    • Anyone i ever settle down with gets to know that i am 100% their very own dragon, no wandering eyes at all.

      Same here. Except less flammable, not being a dragon: I'm 100% that person's psycho killer-robot manufacturer ;-)

      Ya, i know, it's just a silly little question. But... i don't ever think about celebrities that way. Maybe there's something wrong with me? I don't look at celebs and think, hm, gotta get me some o'that. I think, gee, i wonder if she's any good at mille bournes, and i wonder whether ther

    • You made my friend list for this post.
    • You play Mille Bournes? Do you play Acquire as well? I may be in love!

      (Actually, I am in love already, so you're out of luck...)

      I agree that the whole celebrity thing is silly, but that doesn't mean that I slam my eyes shut everytime a pretty girl walks by.

      "It's possible to enjoy the artwork without tearing the picture from the wall" or something like that...
    • I'm in 100% agreement with you on this. While many people seem to defend the practice by stating they'd never actually run off with another person, I think it takes something out of a relationship. I personally don't care how hot so and so is. If you're in a relationship with me then, well, dammit, be in a relationship with me. If you're hung up on this celebrity go pester them.

      Nothing gives you that loving "I'm making do with what I can get my hands on" feeling more than this stupid little list game.


  • i once told my wife, "i wouldn't sleep with her, but i might not tell her that until after she took her top off."

    milla jovovich
    heidi klum
    thandie newton
    kate beckinsale
    others(nearly all women are beautiful if you really look at them)

    i'm so glad my wife understands that i see beauty all over. women are nice to look at, even when i'm happy with the one i have and wouldn't trade her for anything. if she keeps me away from those women, and i keep her from hugh jackman and johnny depp, everything will work out
  • And I think I'd probably have the blessing of the lady, Jennifer Aniston and Lucy Liu. Might be the only two. But it's a quality list.

    And you know what? I'm getting old. I mean, I've always thought Annie Lennox was attractive (except that time she dressed up as Elvis...that was just weird) but I saw a magazine yesterday that had a nice-sized headshot and I thought "she's *really* attractive". I mean, it's almost to the point where the older women are more attractive, probably more because they don't have

  • If its not a celebrity on the list, it someone you don't have a snowballs chance of getting.

    Well, in that case, it'll be a really short list.

    Hey, it's my fantasy! If I'm pretending I can get any of a top list of celeb hotties, I might as well pretend I can have them all.

    I'm single so I don't have to limit myself on my list. Halle would almost certainly be on it, and it has absolutely nothing to do with her not being really black, as your coward claimed. Meg Ryan has been on that list for nigh on 20

  • It has been my observation that celebrities tend to have a disposition that overcompensates for what good looks they might have, or they don't have enough brain cells working in cooperation with one another to say anything intelligent. I couldn't go there.

    Now, if you wanted to know my favorite celebrity eye candy, well, that's another story. I can't help but look.

  • I actually have two lists, one like yours of celebrities that I'd love to have a one night fling with and one that I think I could actually have a real relationship with. (Actually there is a third list of women I come into contact with that I have secret crushes on.)

    List 1:
    1) Salma Hayek-mmm...
    2) Monica Belluci-from the last two Matrix movies....damn.
    3) Rachel Perry-she hosts VH1's weekend countdown. But I've had a crush on her since she was on Much Music and some local NY music program.
    4) Whatever ho

  • And chicks? They dig me!
    Too bad for them I'm spoken for, slackers! They shoulda tried harder to get with the Mekka.
  • Ashley Judd (*growl*). I first saw her on an episode of ST:TNG and thought "Damn, Wesley needs to do her for me." I later found out that she is a Judd. Oh well, she is still hot.

    Amanda Tapping. Yeah, I would watch Stargate SG-1 even if she wasn't on the show. But DAMN. Perhaps it is the character having brains and all that does it for me.

    Done. That's the list. Sometimes someone like Rosamund Pike (Miranda Frost from Die Another Day) makes it onto the list for a while, but then falls off. I think that
  • Please, baby, please, baby, please.
  • Be married long enough, and the allure of sex isn't even there;)

    But, for shits and giggles, Angie and I used to play that game. I think Harrison Ford was on her list. (And since others mentioned Wesley, I'll point out that Mrs. Howell had a major crush on Wil Wheaton at one point in the past.)

    My list...

    Halle Berry was a good choice I saw mentioned.
    Salma Hayek.
    Sophie Marceau.
    Not sure of a fourth.

    Oh, and speaking of Catherine Bell, perhaps, but only anal. Sorry, that's my stance with Scientologists.
  • Oh yeah, I can come up with a list:

    Hugh Jackman (mmm, wolverine)
    Raul Julia (especially in the Addams family, ROWRRR)
    Viggo Mortensen (but only in LOTR, as a blond & without the beard he just doesn't make the cut)
    Joseph Fiennes (Will Shakespeare)

    I'm sure I could come up with more, given time.

    Not the men though. The characters. Can't say my fantasy would ever involve making out with the actors, that would just be a let-down, blech.


    • Drew Barrymore (after the drugs)
    • Monica Bellucci (holy mackerel, that's a woman)
    • Madeleine Stowe (before she went Botox)
    • Julianne Moore (when she's not trying to look like she's starving)
    • Holly Marie Combs (yay!)
    • Phoebe Cates (twenty years ago)
    • Mira Sorvino (yay again!)
    • Liv Tyler (when she doesn't look too much like her dad)
    • Sarah McLachlan (plus she can sing!)

    In no particular order, really.

    Sorry my list is not very mainstream. I have eclectic tastes =)

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