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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Bwaaaahahahahahahaha!!!! 5

A F911 article on the front page with the editor comment:
...while it speaks much truth, and has many funny parts as well as truly heartbreaking ones, I don't know how many votes it will sway.

Troll troll troll... even worse, its a troll to both sides! Saying ...while it speaks much truth will piss off Bush backers, and I don't know how many votes it will sway is bound to be read uneasily by Bush haters!

Sorry folks... if you replied to that with any political opinion, YHBT

On the bright side of things, I found a trigger! I know what makes the IBS jump up.

That's right... friday night I wasn't feeling good, and I thought about it. Saturday afternoon, being the engineer I am, decided to play out the cards to prove my theory. I had a big-ass caesar salad for dinner with water. I was MISERABLE that night.... but I found out why! So I went a step further today... Outback usually makes me go 'ugh,' so when we ordered it, I got the soup instead of the salad and I'm feelin fine. FINALLY! So that may be the big zinger that does it. We'll see if I get upset again without lettuce to see if there are any more triggers (well, I know heavy stress can do it, too).
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  • I know lettuce makes my aunt who has Crohn's double over in pain. I hope you find that it was the main thing and you can just cut out lettuce and things will be better.
  • Nuts and fiber are pretty bad for some folks with IBS as well.

    • Actually, I need to take 2 full dosages of fiber suppliment each day to help things settle down. I think its just the roughage having trouble digesting, not the fiber goodness they provide.
  • Is it iceberg? Romaine?
    Or just leafy greens in general?
    (Boy, I feel a Monty Python skit coming on...)
    • My bio degree has paid off recently.

      Human Digestion 101, humans lost the ability to process roughage properly when their apendix shrunk from a 5"x2" pocket full of digestive bacteria, to a sack the size of your pinky that in some people gets infected. Did the doc not ask you about roughage/fiber problems? You should sue his ass into the ground ;-)

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