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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Politics Done

Now if you go back and read (from a birds eye view) my last JE you can see why I get involved in politics once-in-a-blue-moon.

I tried to point more towards platforms instead of candidates (though I did a poor job, I suppose)... but it still fell into a democrat vs republican slugfest (well... maybe a republican vs bush-hater). Everything was black and white, no one gave up ground... Conversations broke down into bad facts, assumptions, and partisan politics (hey, even I was guilty of doing some of that). Whats worse is how many people sit and talk so poorly about Iraq when everyone knows we have at least one reader who is risking his life for this duty... luckily, I don't think the banter will drop his morale at all (if it does, though, we'll have to send more care packages) ;-)

This JE won't have comments... I'd rather them go all in one place (ie - the previous JE).

Could someone, like em, go back in there and make obnoxious comments that have nothing to do with nothing to put some humor into that bloodbath? ;-)

"Our vision is to speed up time, eventually eliminating it." -- Alex Schure