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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Sacrifice 5

No, this isn't about the virtue of sacrifice, its about the GAME 'Sacrifice' by Shiny Entertainment. Has anyone ever played it? I bought it a loooong time ago, and picked it back up a little bit ago (finally finished it yesterday). On my massive machine, jacking up all the graphics... its still quite a beautiful game (screenshots are available on the shiny website). Most people that stop by think its the newest and greatest game showing off my massive machine's graphic card. The engine is just gorgeous (I'm surprised no one else has used it!).

The game, itself is the perfect mesh of tactical strategy with RTS in a game. Its a 3rd person view of a wizard and you summon creatures to battle with opponent wizard creatures. The AI is fantastic and I've had a challenge throughout the single player game. Worth picking up (works great on slower machines)....

And if you do pick it up, gimmie a buzz so we can get some multiplayer action going ;-)

Update: Looks like you can still find demos for it (Although, that doesn't say 'demo'... is it the full version?). So that way you can check it out if ya like.
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  • Yeah, I've heard it's got good graphics, agency and AI.

    And if/when I do pick it up, I'll tell you and we can perhaps blast the shit out of each other :)
  • Although, that doesn't say 'demo'... is it the full version?

    Files are too small for one, plus the filenames are: ef5d-348a-7557-0e370defc7f1/sacrificedemo.exe
    htt p:// es/sacrifice/sacrificedemo.exe
  • I didn't like it, but I don't remember why...
  • i believe it came with my vid card. i never got into it much because the tutorial section was really long and i just wanted to play something. i'll have to see if i can dig it up so i can give it another chance.
    • it is a long tutorial, but it has a harsh learning curve so its kinda worth it. Once you get the hang of it, and run through some missions, I can give you tips on how I play, and how I get through the tough later missions (when you have 2 or more wizards allied against you and have 3 times as many souls between the two of them and you).

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