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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Lunch and more time wasters 8

I'm a big lunch eater. Breakfast is a breakfast square and juice (along with a big glass of fiber suppliment[1]). Dinner is just an average dinner, nothing big or exciting. Lunch, though, is when I eat. Usually around 10:00 my hunger kicks in. I usually pack an apple for this 'brunch' to hold me off until 11:30. That's when the eatin starts. Usually a hefty sandwich, drink, and a little bag of chips will be my 'main course', but once we hit around 1 or 2, I start getting hungry again. So I usually have some yogurt, maybe a bowl of fruit for my 'second lunch.' I've been known to start eating at 12 on the weekends, and have something in my mouth constantly until like 2 or 3. I just eat a big lunch... and I need snacks until 4, or I'll just be in agony all day.

Well, today, I didn't have any chips... so instead I packed a yogurt parfait... vanilla yogurt layer on the bottom, then blueberries, then peach yogurt, then strawberry slices, then granola. It was in a BIG cup. Wow has that been satisfying. I'm still not quite done with it (its 1:15), and it looks like I may not need snacks throughout the day. Definately worth looking into making if you are a big lunch (or any meal) eater.

Oh, that timewaster. Its a flash game (so you may not be able to get away with it at work) that plays like a pen&paper RPG. Turn based. Loads of fun until you start winning without trying much (hint, your red mage (area attack magic) does craploads of damage... use'm wisely). Tactics Core.

Oh, and if you didn't get the Petals around the Rose game, I'll give you the algorithm... you can figure out how it fits in with the rules (hint... look at rule #1):

total = 0;
for( i=0; i<5; i++ )
_ if( dice[ i ] == 3 ) total += 2;
_ if( dice[ i ] == 5 ) total += 4;
(The underscores are there to help indent the line)

There ya go (yeah, I pad the insides of my parens and brackets... try it...you'll be surprised how clean nested parens can look).

[1] Big difference between metamucil and the generic stuff? The generic stuff doesn't disolve well, so its not just 'nasty orange drink', but 'nasty orange drink with big nasty chunks in it'... ugh... shoulda bought the smallest one. Saving money just cost me two discusting drinks daily for about a month, maybe a little longer :-(

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Lunch and more time wasters

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  • I used to do that bracket trick in my C++ days, but when I moved to the light, the beginning bracket had to go onto the first line...
    for( int i = 0; i < 5; i++ ) {
    Fortunately, there are numerous lint programs around that will format it how you like, so I don't worry about opc (other people's code) any more. Just lint it and then it is correct :)
  • Where I work the opening brace is optionally on a newline, but this:

    if (x) total+=2;

    would be strictly verboten. Must be:
    if (x) {
    total += 2; }

    Some guys even end up doing this:
    if (x)

    • I do, too. Got caught one to many times putting an inline or macro in a one-liner if. The reason I did it that way was because I hate putting code in html. The indents and such are a pain.
  • Count the number of dots around the centre dot if there is one.

    'Nuff said.
  • for (i=0; i < n; i++) total += (x[i]&~1)*(x[i]&1);

    I think that works. :)

    • for (i=0;i4;i++) total += (x[i] % 2) * (x[i] - 1)

      where x[i] = the numerical value of the die in position i.

      • for (i=0;i4;i++) total += (x[i] % 2) * (x[i] - 1)

        I actually started out with that, but I'm in a bit-oppy mood lately and I liked the symmetry of having "everything but the 1's column" on one hand times "just the 1's column" on the other. It does the same thing.

  • The stuff that "disolves" in water is way nasty!

    I use this groovy stuff [quixtar.com] and it's so good that I sometimes just munch on it alone, like dry grape-nuts cereal.
    It's great in Yogurt... Would go perfect with your afternoon snack.

    If it asks you for an IBO #, you can use mine: 328142

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