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To all the single guys....

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  • From the article:

    The average Japanese couple now produces just 1.32 children...

    Bad image... Bad image... Bad image...

  • As someone who didn't want to leave his dorm, facing an indefinite amount of time with no private room, it would be fantastic if these things existed in the US.
  • I'm Japanese?

    Thank you, I'll be here all week! Try the veal!

  • Many young Japanese women live carefree lives, staying at home with their parents, paying little if any rent, letting their mothers cook their meals, clean their rooms and do their laundry.

    A nation full of Mommies girls, mooching off of parents. No desire for a life, so they don't get a real life. No ambition. And they are big hipocrits...

    "Men expect women to stay home and take care of them." Not likely

    So instead, the girls stay at home and expect their Moms to take care of them. I guess they don'
    • "They keep waiting for the perfect man -- a rich handsome guy who either helps with the housework or can afford to hire help."

      Yeah, this is funny. Must be the parasite singles who refuse to give up the designer clothes who expect this. Now if they'd spend half their dead-end job wages on themselves, and contribute the other half to what the man in bringing home, maybe they could get their own place.

      Given the state of things there, if I were rich and handsome, I wouldn't bother helping around the house.
  • Japan. Oy. Might as well be Neptune.

    But, then again, I live in Pittsburgh, a bottom-10 city for singles. Anything would be a step up. Anybody in Billings, Montana looking to hire a C++/VB guy?

  • From the article:

    Rather than risk rejection or summon the energy to maintain a modern relationship, many Japanese men simply pay for affection in the country's ubiquitous hostess bars and brothels.

    Others prefer virtual women online to the real kind. "They seem to find the relationship cumbersome. ... You have to be attentive to your partner," says Kunio Kitamura, president of the Japan Family Planning Association's Family Planning Clinic. "A quick way to get satisfaction is so-called cybersex."


  • I can not get laid very easily here, or back in the states. The only upside I can see is that I would be not getting laid with hot asian chicks. And there are enough of them to not sleep with me in the Seattle metro area anyways...

    • *sigh*

      Red, IIRC, you've got some pretty stiff standards. Unfortunately, there are not too many women that just want gratuitous sex (no ties) and are built like Barbie!

      Face it, you may have to change your standards a wee bit.


      • "you've got some pretty stiff standards"

        Ummm... I'm not going touch that one, for obvious reasons.

        "women that just want gratuitous sex (no ties) and are built like Barbie!"

        I don't think that last part is strictly a requirement. I'd take a woman who just wants gratuitous sex and is built like, say, Halle Berry. Does that help? :)

  • I'm going to Japan (Tokyo-san area) in September time for a fortnights vacation...It's costing me two months wages (due to the flight etc), but by sounds of things it'll be worth it ;) . Only downside is Japan's got a very strict immigration policy.
  • "The good men are all married," writer Junko Sakai says. "Those left behind are all nerds or without jobs or violent or not nice-looking."

    Hey, I have a job - I'm in with a chance!

    However, nothing can be done about those other three problem areas. And even the job is a nerd-ly one.

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