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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Job Review II 14

Well, I went to lunch with my boss to discuss my annual review (which I got the print version of last week). Figures, he glossed over the bad (the surfing? Its perseption... one person sees it, even if its innocent, and someone is bound to write about it... the bad code? He tactfully said it was just how people are, and really didn't bring any attention to it... I was the one who did). Basically everything went fine, had a FABULOUS lunch (a pacific rim place... thai, vietnamese, chinese, korean, hawaiian, etc), he basically said he wants to promote me to senior level next year if I get enough projects were I'm doing my own thing instead of the 'major projects' I get stuck in (and cause I'm the 'young guy', I'm put on the bottom feeder parts). So I end up overreacting to the job review, and my stomach already feels better.

So my weeks turning up... how's yours?
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Job Review II

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  • So I'm doing good.

    I'd rather be putting more decking on, but you know, gotta pay them bills.

    Glad you over-reacted.

    What is it about geeks and over-reacting?

    I swear we are all OCD.
  • yeah, its our nature to read too much into reviews. I'm going to have to keep this in mind.. September is my review season.

    d00d senior level aint all its cracked up to be. My official title is "senior consultant" but hell, I do damn near everything from junior level stuff (this week I'm working on bug reports) to doing architect stuff to working on design documents and crap like that.

    I guess, what it comes down to, is its more $$$ which hey, that in iteself is a good thing... ahh, its all good my friend.
  • by ellem ( 147712 ) *
    I had a bad experience at Blimpie's [] and now I am filled with rage
  • I cannot stand my job at all anymore.

    Instead of complaining about it here, I'll write a JE and instead say I'm glad you just got your panties in a twist and that it's not a real issue.

  • Work week is great so far. Going to a funeral next week, not looking forward to that.

  • Glad to hear you were merely jumping at shadows, bad reviews aren't fun.

    As for how I'm doing (since you asked) I'm okay except for the not having a full time job thing. Yesh.

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