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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Depressed? 37

Ever been depressed for no apparent reason? I'm really feelin that way. Its not the review I recently got (from previous JE), although it is on my mind. After having an outside person read it (my wife), its true that its a really good review with 1 guy giving constructive criticism, and 1 guy just doesn't like me.

I wonder what I can do to cheer myself up? I have to wait until Thursday to finally mulch the flowerbeds I 'pushed out' from the tiny flowerbeds that they once were (I have 'before' pictures... gonna wait till I'm finished to show them, though)...

I could turn over my garden.... Joey can play on his climber while I turn over the garden and give my wife some time to herself... that may make life a little easier (although I'll get dive-bombed to death by the cicadas... which reminds me.. I have pictures and video of the infestation I've been meaning to share). Urk, there is a chance for rain ... here's hoping it won't happen.

Maybe, if I'm rained in, I'll make some pasta from scratch. I've got my grandmothers pastamaker that I've hardly used... maybe I should put it to work? I could even do it in the screened-in porch.
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    You're welcome.



  • But I find when you're really depressed the only thing that helps is Alcohol and Violence. You apply a lot of Alcohol and Violence to any situation and I guarantee you will be having a better day. If you find your day hasn't improved try MORE Alcohol and Violence.
    • i'm in that camp as well.

      really though getting out and doing something should help.
    • I really hope you mean video game violence (which I tried yesterday, unsuccessfully. I was on servers that weren't very good, or had cheaters on them).
      • One look at my right hand will (begin The Brady Bunch Theme and sing along):

        (Tell the story of a man named Davey

        Who got into my face at Home Depot

        He said he'd key my car and smack my child

        So I began to punch

        I began to punch

        Began to punch

        I punched him until he stopped moving!)
  • Usually what works is to just indulge in a massive amount of activities that I find enjoyable.
  • do something nice for a stranger?
  • I've been so sad lately. It's hard. Have you tried doing some theatre sports? Last night @ my church, they brought in a couple of guys, & it kind of gives me hope that there will be something non-computer related that I enjoy doing.
  • FK, depression often is a cycle and the important thing to do is, to try to break the cycle. You seem to have the right idea. Just do one thing, make pasta -- have a sense of accomplishment. Often that's enough to break the cycle.

    This is something I know a lot about, and if you let the cycle feed on itself too much then the hole you are digging will just get deeper. Ugh, I've dug myself too many deep holes in the past and shit, just when I think I've climbed out of one, I fall into another.

    Right now I don
  • I just had a dip myself. Coming out of it, although the gut setback has been hard on me. Especially reading where I was just one month ago.

    I'm typically really happy and carefree, or at least I think I am.

    What did I do to get out of it? Talked. Opened myself up here and IRL. Got perspective on things. It wasn't immediate, but it helped. Did things I enjoyed. Wrote. Etc.

    Let me know if there's anything I can do for you.

  • Your on the right track though, usually good solid physical activty will help me break the cycle, most of the guys I know seem to feel the same way, get depressed..get active!
    • I agree with this.
      Last week I decided to go for a run for the first time in 14 years.
      It was awesome. I was 'high' for 4 days afterwards. I followed it the second day, but I was busy with the baby's birthday so I missed a couple of days.
      I can't wait to go again tomorrow.
      It's 1.1 miles up the block (nice hill), so it's a 2.2 mile round trip. Not that quick (almost half an hour) but I'm moving, which is key.
      Take a quick jog and see how you feel afterwards.
      It can be really cool. No music. No screen. No ki
  • is rough. i get depressed about things more often now than i have in a while. i try to stay on task and stay active. it seems to help. watching aqua teen hunger force seems to help a lot, too.
  • bearing down on ya, my friend. I believe that there are times in everyone's life when there is more stress and certainly your review could trigger your current feelings.

    I think you have some excellent ideas for keeping yourself busy. And remember that you always have /. to sound out.
  • by Otter ( 3800 )
    I may be unique on this, but I find rain (and snow!) relaxing and comforting. It's heat and glare that grate on me.
    • for me, sitting on my porch and watching/hearing/feeling/smelling a booming summer thunderstorm does it for me. I just grab my trusty fisherman's chair, sit on the porch. Enough mist blows in from the whipping wind to hit me that I feel it without getting wet. The smell of a fresh storm as well as the ozone smell from the lightning is so calming. It's just about storm season here (late june through early august). Where we're in a constant drought/flash flood state. Everything dries up so much that whe
  • Ok, just kidding. Gotcha though didn't I?

    Bro, lemme tell ya something. I don't think your depressed, I think you're just down. Depressed is clinical, being down is just something that happens. It's AKA a funk.

    The things you listed that you could do?

    Do all of them you can. Remember, in the grand scheme of things, you don't really have anything to be depressed about. You've got a family, a cute little kid who eats Aircraft carriers, a nice roof over your head and a good job. Life could be a helluva
  • I have to second KMAPSRULE's suggestion, only with more vehemence:
    Every day, ask yourself this question: Is it true that most days in the past seven days I have spent _at_least_ 20 minutes in continuous vigorous physical activity?
    If the answer is no, get on it so that tomorrow it might be yes. This has to be the best info I have ever received from a psychologist, that daily physical exercise is suspected to be equally effective at treating depression as therapy alone. Do you dirve to work? Buy a bike.
    • If I lived closer to downtown I'd bike, but Cincinnati isn't the best biker-friendly town, and I live far enough away that the drive takes me a good 30-45 minutes.

      A good idea, but I'll try running first. I used to be in track as a short distance runner... maybe its time to actually get in shape again.
  • I wonder what I can do to cheer myself up?

    In my experience, these sort of moods usually pass after a little while, like say a day or 2. Things like exercise can help if you don't get much. Better nutrition can be good if you don't eat well. And sunlight is usually good! But I get the impression these things probably don't apply in your case. The only other things I can think of would be fairly obvious stuff.

    I could turn over my garden....

    Wow, obviously that bit about exercise was redundant- you must

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