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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Job Review 24

I got my yearly review back today (I had to fill it out myself, and so did everyone that worked with me the past year, including clients... total list was around 30 people).
I hate these things... I gloss over the 'good comments' to read the 'constructive criticism' comments. The two 'major' hits (5 is excellent, 4 is good, 3 is 'fair') where 3.8 and 3.6. The 3.8 was for too much surfing... probably deserved and something I can work on... but the 3.6 was someone who took over my code when I switched assignment. One of my 'major' pages was 'so convoluted and not OO/reusable enough I simply rewrote it.' I know who made the comment... a 50+ year old developer that is ULTRA anal about code and OOP. Regardless.... someone feeling the need to rewrite an entire page of code really hits me the wrong way. I had a lot of 'should test his code better' which is something I learned over the years and picked up JUnit for that very purpose. He also called me a junior to mid level developer that grasps the front end applications but needs to work more on the business/persistance layer. Eh, nothing like being belittled on a review. My reviewer qualified the statement by saying I was a junior developer the previous year to many of the senior and principle level consultants, so they may now expect more than I'm capable of (basically, there level of coding), but, damnit, that qualifier made me feel even worse. That assignment that had to be 'rewriten' was a 2 month 'drop' for me with a completely new framework I was unaccustomed to and had no real standards... man, I thought I took constructive criticism well....

Blargh, I have a feeling my stomach isn't gonna like this tonight.......
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Job Review

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  • thats what you need.
    • I'm too much of a forward thinker... booze will make me sick and won't change a damn thing, unfortunately.
      • murder?
      • Nah, proper usage of booze will help. The key is to stay away from the heavier stuff. Avoid wine, shots, and mixed drinks. Go straight to beer, and a lot of it over a long period of time. Preferably with friends who will drink with you. Try to prolong the slight to medium drunkeness rather than get very drunk fast. By the time the night's over, you'll've had too much fun to remember your review.

        -Ab (who had his review 3 weeks ago and would rather not talk about it)
  • I can understand what programers run into when working on others code. There is the "tab" verses "two spaces" argument for nested expression indenting. Then how to do format and styalize the code.

    Some people are too fixed in their way that if they work on code that does not fit their personal formatting preference, they freak out. If they spend a lot of time fixing non-functional formatting (does the begining brace go at the end of the line for the conditional statement, or is it the line below, if belo
    • 3 spaces for all intenting

      Brace goes at the end of the line to start a logical grouping

      Functions are in the format of FirstSecondThird

      Variables are in the format of typeFirstSecondThird

      Constants are in the format of FIRST_SECOND_THIRD

      Variables that are 3 letters or less are placeholding counters, looping values, or temporary storage while manipulating data only.

      Comments belong at the beginning of a file and/or logical programming block only. Comments in the middle of code flow or on the same line ser
      • 3 spaces for all intenting

        No, 3 spaces for all indenting ;-)

        Brace goes at the end of the line to start a logical grouping

        Sorry, braces belong on their own line for cleanliness.

        Functions are in the format of FirstSecondThird

        No, classes are FirstSecondThird, methods in the class are firstSecondThird.

        Variables are in the format of typeFirstSecondThird


        Constants are in the format of FIRST_SECOND_THIRD

        As are static final variables (basically another name for globals)

        Variables th
        • Sorry, braces belong on their own line for cleanliness.

          Well, I program mostly in VBasic, so this is moot, though I did put my examples in a more universal format, rather than VB :)

          No, classes are FirstSecondThird, methods in the class are firstSecondThird.

          See previous comment. All I have a Functions and Subs (subroutines or null returning functions).

          Only valid examples are for for loops (int i, j, k, or whatever else) and 'tmp' under very strict standards.

          'cnt' for counting (very useful when usin

        • No, classes are FirstSecondThird, methods in the class are firstSecondThird.

          This is the one Java naming standard that drives me absolutely nuts. I don't know why. Yes, for fields, local variables, and parameters camel case looks just fine. But for methods? Ick. Totally ick.

  • A buddy of mine at my last employer did not get a 6-mo review and received no direction from his manager until his annual. There, at his annual, his manager blasted him for countless stuff that by buddy was not even aware had been a problem (and most people would not consider a problem anyway). He went from a respected developer to a puke on probation in one hour, all for stuff his manager should have addressed before his annual review (and much of it was dumb stuff like stylistic issues in coding). So now,

  • That totally sucks. I got a review for my one year last November and...nothing's come of it. No raise, no nothing. Which feels pretty bad, too.
    • we had our reviews last october. they delayed raises. they told us a couple weeks ago that raises resulting from last october's reviews will go into effect 2 aug. at least i know i did ok in my review, but i don't know what my pay increase will be.

      i've got to get out of here.
  • First of all FK, go back and read through the positive comments, please. People really do go to a lot of effort to think of those, and it's not just to stroke your ego (what would be the point if it's anonymous?). Spend some time considering the good stuff, OK?

    Second, I must share a moment of my own history when I composed a review of my supervisor -- the psycho hosebeast from hell. She was horrible. She was extremely intelligent, very driven, entirely compulsive, and slightly mentally unstable. And compl
  • What sucks worse is when you manager calls you in and says, "I sent your review up as a level 2 employee [1 being Walks on Water, 3 being Meeting Our Expectaions, 5 being Fired] and they sent it back and told me to make it a 3 because there are so many 2s it doesn't fit the bell curve. So, I'm docking you on Interpersonal Communication."
    And then I say, "But I'm a great communicator, I can talk to everyone from the CEO to the janitor!"
    And she says, "I know, but they told me I had to change it and I don'
    • Maybe something's wrong with their expectations. Or maybe they should realize that they don't want their employee performance to fit a bell curve. At least I wouldn't, but what do I know?
      • Well see the problem is that they decide on raises BEFORE they do performance evaluations. And since our raise is performance based, my raise was not in the range of a 2, so I had to be downgraded to a 3 to justify my raise. This issue came up on the Corp. survey and I was on the focus team to change this. We just presented our case to the big guys, so either things will change, or next year I'll be a 5. :-)

        My friend is an EE and he does sales and engineering for our modified product unit. His manager

        • And that right there is why i enjoy working for a small (100 person) consulting firm instead of a large fortune-500 company.
        • Well see the problem is that they decide on raises BEFORE they do performance evaluations.

          And what is scary is that this is the way things are done at EVERY SINGLE large company I've ever worked for.

          When I finally get up the nerve to start my own corp, these stupid-a$$ evals are going in the trash, where they belong. I believe in setting goals and then reviewing. Did you meet your goals last year? Yes=raise; partially=smaller raise + coaching/training/reevalutaion; no=???. That way you know what you're g

          • We're on a new online goal system now that is supposed to change all that. I guess we'll see next year. The bad thing next year will be that I now report to 2 people. The Plant Manager and the division IT Manager. So I have two sets of goals (that may or may not conflict) to deal with now. joy.
  • ths is going back a few years and I am not a developer/programmer I am a Sys Admin/Security guy.

    I script and write in Perl, that's it, ever.

    "His code is boring."
    "His code is obvious."
    "His code is dull."
    "His code is 'safe'."
    "He comments too much."
    "His Perl is too C-like." (I had no idea what that really meant at the time.)
    "He over uses warnings and strict."
    "He uses diagnostics too much."
    "His code is too long." (i.e. no golf)

    I still code exactly the same way. I write once a month, sometimes less. I hav
  • ... completely unasked for. I was just reading your journal after replying to you on binder's regex problem.

    I didn't know which JE to reply to, the "Depression" one or this one, but I chose this one as I believe my thoughts on this process may help, and thereby indirectly affect the mood thing. Maybe.

    Keep in mind that reducing your performance to a number is a ridiculous idea. They measure what they want, and ignore the rest, and put it all on some bizarro-world scale that makes no sense. Example: in my e

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